Nero InCD / Adaptec DirectCD compatability problem

  vinnielo 20:51 14 Jun 2003

I upgraded to XP, and got Nero InCD, but I can't seems to read ALL my CDRW files, written by DirectCD. Is anyone else having these problems?

Sometimes, my DVD drive reads them all properly, and my CDRW refuses even to show the contents of certain folders.

I tried the CDRW on a computer running (now Roxio) DirectCD and it works fine.

Aren't they both UDP Packet writing?

  ton 21:12 14 Jun 2003

They are both UDF but not the same. I think you will have to use DirectCD to read the old files.

You can (as I do) install both Nero and ECCD but not both UDF programs.

Of the two I prefer Direct CD for packet writing as it can also use CDR's.

  vinnielo 21:17 14 Jun 2003

Grr, it's just annoying that there is no free upgrade to the new DirectCD.

  otubby1 22:28 14 Jun 2003

I use Nero and InCD at the moment, with EasyCD waiting in the wings. When you say both UDF programmes cannot be run at the same time, do you mean InCD and EasyCD, or Nero and EasyCD?

  ton 22:39 14 Jun 2003

Nero and EasyCD are ok on same PC.

Choose either DirectCD OR InCD. If both of these are installed there are problems.

  otubby1 22:40 14 Jun 2003


  vinnielo 22:43 14 Jun 2003

Are there any patches available to allow InCD to read these older written CDs?

I see InCD is also unavailable to read some of the Roxio written files.

I've got one file that seems to be completely unnamed!

  ton 22:55 14 Jun 2003

As you are running XP, what happens if you uninstall InCD.

I don't use XP very much but I believe it has UDF reading 'built in'. (I also believe this is a cut down version of Roxio).

  vinnielo 22:57 14 Jun 2003

I seem to remember I can read, but not write to CD, which isn't particularly useful.

If this SHOULDN'T be the case, please tell me.

  ton 23:08 14 Jun 2003

XP is supposed to read and write to CDRW 'out of the box' so to speak.

I suppose one answer (if you can read them all) would be to copy all to your HD, then after making sure you can read and write NEW files, make new copies on your CDRW's.

  TBH1 23:39 14 Jun 2003

vinnielo - - I recently had to rebuild my system and now use Nero 5.5 - - -having in the past used adaptec direct cd.
I have accessed my files on cdrw created with adaptec, using nero - - - - but have found recently that I need to put the cdrw into the writer as opposed to the reader - - I am convinced it has worked in the reader but now doesn't. Defo works in writer though - - would suggest once you are able to read these files, tranfer them back to your hard drive then back out to cdrw using nero

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