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  plsndrs3 10:53 07 Oct 2005

Using version & downloaded the additions on the Nero website. Looking to use InCD so that I can add files to a CD-R when I choose [like a floppy].

Although I have downloaded the InCD add-on, I cannot find this as an option to run. The last time I needed this [some time ago, I admit and a couple of versions!] InCD was almost a stand-alone program with its own icon. I cannot seem to launch this & cannot find out how to. There is noting on the program or via the start button as far as I can see.

Your help greatly appreciated!



  Confab 11:29 07 Oct 2005

I'm pretty sure that InCD runs in the background and starts when you insert a CDRW into your drive. I'm not sure it now works with CDR's. I believe earlier version did.

  Simsy 11:32 07 Oct 2005

unless I'm mistaken, (quite possible!), doesn't support CDRs, but only supports CDRW.

This is not true of other "packet writing" software such as DirectCD



  anniesboy68 11:34 07 Oct 2005

Have you a little yellow box in your taskbar right hand side. Also if you put a re writable disk in your re writable drive , let it spin then go to My computer icon, open it and you will see the drive listed as in cd....AB68

  BRYNIT 11:41 07 Oct 2005

InCD will only work with CD-RW disks.

When InCD has been installed it usually loads with windows and a window usually opens when a Blank CD-WR disk is inserted.

If you have WIN XP right click on your CD-RW drive in my computer and look down the list you will find InCD format this will tell you if InCD has been loaded.

If you want to use CD-R disks you could use multisession which allows you to add to disk until it is full but will not be able to delete files.

  Diemmess 11:46 07 Oct 2005

I don't use RW CDs, but have the same version of Nero...... There is an icon on my taskbar (W2000) for InCD and a right click on it will allow you to configure it. Also if you use Nero Start Smart, there will be a new (ugly) window offering in its depths, RW facilities.

For me this was a recent upgrade and I'm not yet sure I like it. Nero Express is the route that seems more familiar and I can deal with DVDs now.

  plsndrs3 12:08 07 Oct 2005

Many thanks - can see the icon now [it was hidden , that's my *feeble* excuse!]. Bit disappointed that this will only work with CD-RWs, but as I have these I will now use them.

I'm afraid that I'm with Diemmess on the looks as I preferred the [older] version. This does tend to look cluttered to me. Maybe I'll re-install that on my other PC just for burning CDs.

Thanks everyone.


  Diemmess 17:52 07 Oct 2005

I think you are wrong about..."Bit disappointed that this will only work with CD-RWs, but as I have these I will now use them".

You can use this new version with either Nero Express or InCD. The first for burning one or multi-session CDs and the InCD for re-writables. It is just a matter of finding the right menu, and the earlier versions seemed simpler to use.

  plsndrs3 19:39 07 Oct 2005

After having re-read my post,I think I may not have explained myself well.

I realise that Nero works with CD-R, CR-RW and DVDs in their various guises. The comment that I am disappointed refers to the advice that InCD only works with CDRW. I thought that I might be able to use this with CD-Rs.

[I have actually opted for the multi-session on CD-Rs in the end anyhow as per the suggestion from BRYNIT :o)]



  woodchip 19:42 07 Oct 2005

It works with CDRW and CDR as I have done it

  Diemmess 20:51 07 Oct 2005

Unless you wish to burn DVD disks there is no need to install the latest version of Nero.

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