Nero General Clean Tool

  cagey 17:00 28 Jul 2004

I have recently installed an Artec Dual 12X DVD/RW (Shows in Device Manager as VOM-12-48X). I installed Nero 6 OEM supplied with it, with not very good results. I had previously been using various versions of Nero 5. I have tried removing all Nero programs and starting again; however I find that that there are still dozens of files associated with Nero on the computer.
I have tried several times to download the General Clean Tool from Nero, all unsuccessful. It keeps giving a "Download Error Message" stating that "File download of (General Clean not completed successfully due to unexpected server response 425 Cannot open data connection. I am using Win XP on an AMD 2000XP
with 512 Mb Ram. Any suggestions please?

  cagey 19:14 28 Jul 2004

Can anyone help please?

  TommyRed 19:24 28 Jul 2004

Is this what you are looking for click here HTH TR

  TommyRed 19:31 28 Jul 2004

The above tool is specific to clean Nero 5 prior to installing Nero 6. See how you get on downloading, I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your download errors. HTH TR

  cagey 19:32 28 Jul 2004

TommyRed Have just tried this link, but got the same error message when trying to download.
The link you posted is for Nero 5 (Nero Clean Tool) and the other one I tried earlier (Nero General Tool)is for Nero 5 & 6, but for some reason I can't download either of them. Help please?

  TommyRed 19:56 28 Jul 2004

I don't know the answer, but if you don't get sorted mail me direct (envelope by my name)and I'll download it and put it on a disc and send it to you. How does that sound? TR

  TommyRed 20:02 28 Jul 2004

I've just looked on the Nero site and the General clean tool is 280kb and the Nero5 clean tool is 202.5kb. So I could e-mail them to you, do you have broadband and as the files are zipped do you have the facility to unzip them? TR

  cagey 20:12 28 Jul 2004

TommyRed. Thanks for your kind offer to email to me, I'll take you up on that. Yes I have got broadband and Winzip to unzip them. Still don't know why I can't download them? Will now email you.

  woodchip 20:17 28 Jul 2004

First remove it from Add Remove in Control Panel.

To remove follow these step's closely, go to start\find\files or folders type in the box NERO click enter key delete all the entry's it finds with NERO in it. Next go to start run type regedit and press enter, go to menu under edit click find in the box type NERO and press enter it will bring up only one entry at a time, press delete key then click ok to confirm to go to next entry press F3 and delete do this until you get to the end of the registry. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE IN THE REGISTRY other than NERO then reboot your computer

  TommyRed 20:28 28 Jul 2004

Have now sent the two cleaning tools over to you, good luck. TR

  cagey 21:22 28 Jul 2004

TommyRed Have unzipped and run General Clean tool. Will now re-install Nero 6 supplied with DVD Rewriter. Thanks for all your help, if I get any further problem, I'll open a new thread.

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