nero formatting problem

  fritwash 13:18 06 Apr 2004

I have some cdrw disks formatted using incd a program I no longer use, I have tried formatting them again using nero so I may use them to back up data but nero does not recognise them even after formatting.
Once they have been formatted using incd are they no longer usable for anything else?


  Eric10 16:44 06 Apr 2004

Uninstall InCD since you say that you no longer use it. I think that you will then be able to format your discs for use as normal CD-RWs using Nero.

  Confab 16:54 06 Apr 2004

If you format them then you are packet writing for use with incd. Nero has an option to erase re- writable disks. Use this option and nero should then see them as blank.


  QQAA 18:26 06 Apr 2004

only if you want to use your CD-RW disc as if it is another diskette, such that its contents can be regconised and modified by the windows explorer (known as packet-writing under the context of CD-RW) any number of times.

but if instead you want to use your blank CD-RW for backup of some data, then you don't have to format the CD-RW disc. the Nero program itself (not the accompanied Nero "InCD" tool) will take care of it and a ERASE of the data can be done if advised, before proceeding with the backup operation.

  fritwash 15:42 07 Apr 2004

Thanks for the various advice.
I have formatted the disks using nero using both the quick format and the full format options but nero still reports that the disks are not writable media.

If I get no more advice I will just throw the disks away, although there is only three of the disks it pains me to throw away disks that might still be useful.

Cheers and thanks once again

  Cook2 00:34 08 Apr 2004

Start - My Computer then right click on your CD-RW icon and go down to Erase this CD-RW.

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