Nero Express+ Track order in compilations

  peeby 01:44 15 Oct 2003

I've just made my first compilation using NeroExpress and adding tracks in order from 4 CDs the way I wanted them to be burned, after the Cd was burned the tracks were in the reverse order to that in which I selected them. Can't find any reference to compilation order in help file. Why do these things have to be so hornery. Appreciate and info from exeirenced NeroXpress users. My os is XP

  krypt1c 02:18 15 Oct 2003

As you've taken tracks fron 4 CDs I assume you've written them to your hard drive as *wav files before burning. The easiest way to ensure they are in the order you want is to rename your wav files with a 2 character numeric prefix before burning. Nero tends to burn in numeric or alpha order. So 01 filename 02 filename etc. BTW you can re-order files by dragging them up / down

  peeby 07:04 15 Oct 2003

Thanks for rply to PC advisor post. I went create music cd and then it went "analysing data", (very slow,presume it was writing .wav to HD) so I added each track in turn as I went along. I let the App. auto-name. I,tend to be a bit impatiant when using a new software function, gee was I loud impatiant when after 1/2 hour I tested my cd and the tracks were in the reverse order.

  krypt1c 07:12 15 Oct 2003

Morning peeby, what I tend to do if i'm making a compilation is extract the tracks I want to a single folder on my hard drive, then do the renaming bit, then burn the CD from the folder.

  peeby 09:00 15 Oct 2003

I was under time pre3ssure the last time, I migh try
the Internet Database the next time and give myself more time overall for the job. I seldoms goes "Heah Presto" for me . Hard to undertand all the same that it should so mailiciously exactly reverse the order of choosing . Do'nt you think.? Might see about contacting Nero Support ( if they have any)

  Stuartli 09:02 15 Oct 2003

I had this problem the first time I created a compilation and realised afterwards that I had just dragged each track onto the list and failed to click the Add button each time.

Because a CD plays from the inside out the tracks were therefore in reverse order.

  peeby 15:38 15 Oct 2003

Thanks for reply regarding Nero Compilation, but I'm not sure that is what I did. I think I selected the track ( i.e. highlighted it) then went "add" , but otherwise you seemed to have had the exact same experience. I have written to Nero Support, see if they answer such a basic question.

  david4637 16:19 15 Oct 2003

Let us know what Nero says about sorting the tracks for burning in a specifc order. Thanks David

  Stuartli 16:35 15 Oct 2003

Everything was OK the second time when I used the Add button...:-)

  JFT 17:04 15 Oct 2003

This happens with me as well, to overcome it don't right click and "select all" tracks,add each track individually in the order you want, with the "Add Track" button.
Hope this helps.


  Stuartli 10:19 16 Oct 2003

That's exactly what I stated...:-)

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