Nero Express Problem...

  *mark 19:20 10 Feb 2003

While using Nero Express to burn text documents & faviurites I have had no probs, however, when Ive burnt jpegs to either a CDRW or CDR I am unable to view what Ive burnt ? When I burn I do so at half of maximum speed.

I have tried viewing in both the dvd & cd-writer drives. All I can see once the disk has loaded is a new window with the title of the disk in the top left and 5 folders (CDI, EXIT, MPEGAV, SEGMENT, & VCD).

I can view the disk fine on my TV's DVD player !

Im guessing its a preferences/settings problem but have had no luck with Nero's help files.

I am using an LiteOn Artec (WWR-4848) CD-Writer and a LiteOn Sony (DDU1621) DVD player and using 'Nashua' CDRW's & CDR's - is there a known incompataility problem with this brand of disk and my hardware ?

My PC specs. are - Athlon AMD XP2000+, 768Mb DDR 333MHz RAM, 57.2Gb 7,200 RPM hard disk,
128Mb GeForce4 Ti 4200 graphics card, LiteOn (Sony) 16xDVD 48xCD drive,
LiteOn (Artec) 48xCD 40xCD-R 12xCD-R/W drive, integrated 5.1 sound,
200W Subwoofer 3 Piece Speaker System, 17in Mitsubishi DiamondPlus 750SB monitor,
Intel V.92 modem. Window's XP Home.

Any idea's ?


  JoeC 19:24 10 Feb 2003

but the second last version of Nero had a corrupt dll which caused problems with Nero Express. If you visit the website, there is an update for the corrupt dll - or you could download the whole thing again. The new version ( without corrupt dll ) ends something like The update is just a few Kb's.

  *mark 19:28 10 Feb 2003

PS - Im using Nero Express Version 5.5 !

  JoeC 19:53 10 Feb 2003

for some considerable time. Do you have or ? The faulty one is and the recently update one is Click on Help and About Nero to check if you are unsure. If it does not help, or you have then you have my apologies !! : }

  *mark 11:14 11 Feb 2003

Ive downloaded the update - but when I check with Nero to see what version I am running it says ! - Are they the same thing ?

I still cant view burnt images ???

  leo49 11:52 11 Feb 2003

Never used Nero Express so no idea what options it gives you.However from your description it seems you've obviously chosen the wrong one.

If you just want to store pictures, they should be burnt as Data.


  Stuartli 12:52 11 Feb 2003

It is presumably "bundled" because Nero contains a number of different programs including InCD, CD Speed, Wave Editor, Wave Editor, Cover Designer etc.

Nero Express is a more advanced form of the wizard in Nero itself and guides you through the choices needed for various aspects of burning a disk.

You can mix audio and data files if you wish through the NE menu.

  *mark 11:01 14 Feb 2003

Thanks for all the help - it seems to work ok now :)



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