Nero Express file numbering problem

  nick_j007 15:16 01 Nov 2004

Hi all,

I want to drag and drop 170 or so jpeg files into the window for Nero Express. This works ok, but it does not place them in numerical order.

It goes number 1 then 10, then from 100 up to 109 then 11. Then after each ten increment it places a 12, then 13 etc. Not sure if you understand that?

They are all listed nicely in My Pictures but loose the structure in Nero. What can I do please?

I want them to read as they were as they are for a friend; it is his daughters wedding and I want them to read in sequence.



  pj123 15:45 01 Nov 2004

Yes, that is the way comuters count. You need to put zeros in front to make it work the way you want it to. For example 0001, 0002, 0003 etc..

  nick_j007 15:46 01 Nov 2004

I can see what is happening now.

The files have been numbered 1,2,3 etc as opposed to 001, 002, 003 etc.

How can I rename them so they are listed correctly please?

I'm ready to burn these and get them to the P.O.



  nick_j007 15:47 01 Nov 2004


  Gongoozler 15:49 01 Nov 2004

I really think the numbering is irrelevant. The numbering in Nero Express is just for convenience. If you consider the files on your hard drive, bits of the files can be fragmented all over the drive. The files are pulled together by the directory and you can select View in Windows Explorer to see them in any of several ways.

  nick_j007 15:55 01 Nov 2004

But they will be burned to CD in a non sequential manner and I don't want this.

How can I renumber them (in one sweep) in windows explorer so it reads the same when I drag them into Nero?


  nick_j007 15:57 01 Nov 2004

Are you saying that when the person next views these burned images from my CD his Windows explorer will reinstate the original order I have in My Pictures?

  pj123 16:05 01 Nov 2004

Where are these jpegs orginating from? If they are from a digital camera they should have unique numbers anyway like "dscn0810" or "p0104040018" or fuji100 or nikon100 etc..

  nick_j007 16:07 01 Nov 2004

Well I went ahead and burned the CD as I thought it would serve as a cheap experiment come the end.

When it opens they are successfully placed in the original order :-)

Thank you to those that kept a look in!

Happy days.


  nick_j007 16:09 01 Nov 2004


They did originate from a digital camera, but I renamed them along the way you see so they all lost their original tags.


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