Nero express: available recorders

  TTX 17:09 10 Dec 2004

Just bought new pc runs Windows XP (pro). Came with Nero Express. Only gives me an option of recording to the image recorder. I've saved an image file. If I open save to hard drive, then my two other drives are shown, but it won't let me use them as destinations... Any ideas?

  stylehurst 17:12 10 Dec 2004

This is usually because Nero came with a specific DVD or CDRW, and is locked to that machine.
If you purchase a licence then you can usually overcome the problem.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:16 10 Dec 2004

The version that came with your PC should work on that pc. Have you tried a reinstall of the software?

  Gongoozler 17:29 10 Dec 2004

From the Nero Express manual:

It could be several reasons:

The burner is either too old and support for this drive has been discontinued.

The burner is very new to the market and support has not yet been implemented or is in the process.

Please check to make sure that your PC recognised the burner and that it has been installed properly......

Please check the Nero website ..... for the latest drivers and a list of supported burners.

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