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  User-C807852E-5925-4E7A-AF2AFBFBA84AB929 20:24 22 Sep 2003

i have been using nero for some time now using cd-r and cd-rw,dvd r and dvd rw both - and +. i have had no problems working with data or music files,whether copying to hd, copying to disk or burning files onto disk.i recently tried to copy a dvd movie to hd using my dvd writer but found whatever i did i could not copy i to hd. what am i doing wrong,and how do icopy dvd movies.i have tried to copy original copies and copies other people have

  kinger 20:32 22 Sep 2003

click here

It copies DVD's perfectly and very, very fast.

  mark500 20:33 22 Sep 2003

click here# DVD Shrink to get the movie to HDD.

click here To put it back on a DVD + -.

Copying is ILLEGAL unless you own the DVD in question. You are then entitled to make ONE back up for your own personal use.

  The Sack 21:57 22 Sep 2003

AFAIAA there is no fair use of copyright act in the UK, what you are saying is valid in the USA but not in the UK where you are not entitled to make one backup copy for personal use.

(like i said this is AFAIAA)

  mark500 23:33 22 Sep 2003

I most heartily appologise and stand corrected.

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