Nero DVD Burning Problem -PC Allways restarts.

  23790954 16:17 24 Oct 2008

Hi there, once again I need the help of you kind people. I have transferred a VHS video to my hard drive, so that I can burn it to DVD. Its a music HVS Video, and it has transferred successfully. I have done this many times before and it has always proved successful. I have always used Nero 8 to burn the videos to DVD, but on this occasion, when I go through the normal steps to make the DVD, everything goes well, until I get to the last step, which is actually burning the DVD, and when I press the BURN button on NERO, the process starts for about 5 seconds, then my computer shuts down and restarts. I have checked the system for bugs and viruses, checked all the wiring, and even changed my pc security, in case it was interfering with it, but it still restarts when I press the burn button.
I did attempt to ask Nero, but they are not available until monday morning.
I use Windows XP Pro on a MSI K7N2 mainboard, with a socket A 2200+ processor and 1.5 gig DDR ram.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Many thanks to all who offer advice.

  baldydave 16:38 24 Oct 2008

Do you get any blue screens or does it shutdown straight away with no messages?

  23790954 16:49 24 Oct 2008

Hi baldydave,
Thanks for trying to help. The last step before pressing the burn button, shows that the length of the video, is just short of the maximum length for the DVD structure itself, then when you press the burn button, the blue process line at the top of the two information bars, goes to the end, about 5 secs., but as soon as it attempts to move onto the burn info bar, the computer just restarts without any warnings etc. Have used this for years without any previous problems, so I cannot figure out what is causing it.
Thanks anyway.

  baldydave 17:10 24 Oct 2008

Have you installed any other burning software recently?
Have you tried a nero update to see if this has any effect?
When you go to burn have you double checked the correct drive is picked as i have done this before and not realised,please do not take offence at this as i am just trying to help.

  23790954 17:25 24 Oct 2008

I do appreciate your attempt to help me baldydave.
I have used this method for dozens of previous videos, holidays, new year etc. and never had a problem before. After trying many times on this occasion with NERO 8, I then downloaded DVD flick, and although it does not restart my system, it also fails to burn the DVD, stating that it cannot connect with the DVD writer. I then got another make of DVD writer, and installed it into my system, but I just got the same results. I can only think that there is a very minor fault with the recording, but if there is it cannot be noticed when viewing the file on the computer.

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