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  Simsy 12:48 27 Aug 2003

Hi folks,

I recently installed, (what was then), the latest Nero 5.5 update, (version, as part of a rebuild/re-install of everything

It is doing all I need so I don't really want to upgrade to what now appears to be the newest update on the Nero site, (for 5.5 I don't want/need to go further up to version 6).

There is just one issue... the installation doesn't appear to include the "help" for the CoverDesigner.

Does anyone know if this is put right in the current update, ?

I don't want to spend the time downloading if it doesn't!

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 13:14 27 Aug 2003

Sorry, wrong forum



  Simsy 15:54 28 Aug 2003

but here's a bump for it!



  Edbanger 16:16 28 Aug 2003

I have latest update and it includes all the help files.

  Simsy 20:07 28 Aug 2003

That's what I wanted to hear!

pj123, thanks for your input, but the coverdesigner will do for me... I don't do much and it is just one thing I want to check out!



  Simsy 21:08 30 Aug 2003

I've just downloaded and installed version ... and I still don't have the help files for the coverdesigner!

Can you reconfirm for me that you do have the coverdesigner help file, not just the "Nero" help file?

If so I'd appreciate it if you could indicate the date and size of the fle. I can get an earlier copy by transferring it from my son's PC... if there is a later version I'd rather get that!

Thanks in anticiaption,



  Edbanger 09:50 31 Aug 2003

I have got the cover designer help files and I've got Nero The help files are 1.53mb and the date is 11/05/2001. The info on the cover designer "splash screen" if that's what you call it,is as follows.
Version 2.2 (Built Looking at this it seems like the help files have been kept from the previous version of Nero. I'm sorry if I misled you, but the help files where there when I opened cover designer.


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