Nero converts but won't Burn

  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:30 28 Jul 2004

im using nero vision express 2 to try and convert the movie from avi to vcd, it went through the first bit ok, but now the actual burns started it seems to have got stuck, it has said "CURRENT ACTION= Writing Lead In" for the last 125 mins,

any ideas what might be wrong? Or How to FIX the problem?? they'll be warmly welcomed.


  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:47 28 Jul 2004

NERO Vision xpress 2

  woodchip 21:47 28 Jul 2004

When you start converting SVCD or VCD it takes a long time, more so if you have a slow comp. Leave it, as it depends on how big the video

  stalion 21:51 28 Jul 2004

lead in only takes about 3 minutes so nero has probably not converted the avi files

  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:58 28 Jul 2004

thats what i thought its now on 2hours 24mins, and still saying lead in, BUT the abort buttons greyed out, the only way to stop it is to reset the comp???

  woodchip 22:05 28 Jul 2004


  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:07 28 Jul 2004

of course durrr, i also have "enditall"

any ideas whats causing the problem tho, & how to fix it?

thats what i realy need.


  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:11 28 Jul 2004


so nero has probably not converted the avi files

it went through the proces the green blips lit up slowly, played the movie (slowly) it said what was going on etc,
but when it got to the burn, the cdrw speeded up, lit 2 blips then slowed,, and has been like that since

  stalion 22:18 28 Jul 2004

have a look here the normal format for making svcd,vcd, or dvd is mpeg2
click here

  stalion 22:23 28 Jul 2004

sonic site click on learn more and it will tell you further down the page all the formats it supports without converting first
click here

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:23 28 Jul 2004

ok thanx stallion,

ive turned it off using enditall, but something must have been going on because the cdrw door wont open??

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