Nero compatability

  JohnB 13:52 11 Nov 2004

As a new digital camera enthusiast, is Nero compatable with MicroXP?
When trying to save onto a DVD disk often one or the other program pops up (when using one program) ie Nero or Microsoft Wizard.
One or the other usually works but am I doing something wrong; would wish to simplfy.
Any help would be gratefully received.

  961 16:25 11 Nov 2004

You don't say which version of Nero

You'll find that there are frequent updates on their web site that current owners can download free. If you are having trouble then try for an updated version

You can also elect which programme should open when you seek to perform a save to dvd and then the selected programme should open automatically each time

Nero 6 had a problem with Windows xp sp2 but there is a new version for download that solves the problem

  tehtarek 16:52 11 Nov 2004


On executing Part I of 4 Parts advised necc to deal with the incompatibility (Nero 6 x XPSP2), I kept getting error message stating that an illegal copy was detected, and file execution self-aborted.

I uninstalled and deleted all traces of the patch and Restored to the previous condition.

Nero6 works fine despite the incompatibility message each time Nero6 is fired up. The CD's are fine too.

Hope this info is useful.

  polish 17:41 11 Nov 2004

it sounds like you need to make sure that you have set the computer to use one program or none so that you choose which to use like in your drive properties you can choose which program to use for music or game cd etc also you dont say which nero bur there are updates for nero xp patches etc

  JohnB 13:09 12 Nov 2004

Thanks very much 961,tehtarek and polish for prompt & helpful suggestions. Will have a go at it this pm

  JohnB 13:40 12 Nov 2004

Sorry 961, the prog I use is Nero Express 6

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