Nero change cache location

  GrahamP 21:23 17 Nov 2004

Nero Ultra

XP Pro SP2

Unable to effectively change cache location even though settings change.

I'm getting the "Not enough space to copy disc" message when attempting to copy a DVD via both Nero Express and Nero Burning Rom. This is a home-burned DVD-R I'm copying. It's followed up by a message giving the space required and the space available. I'm using the same drive for reading and writing and at this point only the source DVD has been loaded so it's talking about temporary space required on the harddrive.

This seems to be the Cache setting. At some point in the past I have successfully altered this from my C partition to my D partition. I can prove this by copying in additional large files to the D partition. The space available in the message diminishes each time. (It would be helpful if the message detailed the location)

I now want to change this to a third partition E(garbage temp etc) and the setting seems to change easy enough. But when I rerun the copy I get the same message even though there is plenty of space in the new partition 8+GB. It's clear that it is still using the old partition. How can I effectively change this? I have restarted.
I have checked the registry settings. All the Ahead/Nero locations for Cache, Image Directory and Working Directory are set to E:\. There are no settings pointing to D:\. is the latest.

I've tried increasing the Ultrabuffer to it's max 80MB, enabling DVD overburn, reserving the maximum minimum diskspace (huh?). No joy.

What am I missing?

  GrahamP 16:07 02 Jun 2005

Just cleaning up some of my old posts.

Nero stores the temporary image by default in My Documents as TempImage.nrg

This can be changed via the registry key:

HKCU\Software\ahead\Nero - Burning Rom
\Settings\Working Dir

It might well be changeable via a Nero setting but I never found it.

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