Nero Causes Rebot when Burning DVD's

  JayDay 07:28 10 Jun 2005

I have purchased a new DVD burner but am having problems burning discs. When burning large amounts of data to a DVD using Nero it will just restart for no obvious reason.

Things I have tried so far

Tried DVD+R, DVD-R.
Updated firmware
Uninstalled and re installed Nero
Tried burning at various lower speeds

I am using Windows XP 1.5Ghz processor, 512 RAM, loads of defragmented space.

The DVD Writer is a primary device on the second IDE channel. Would this make a difference? Should I slave it off my main HDD?

  jimv7 07:43 10 Jun 2005

First, see if this helps, right click 'my computer' properties/advanced/startup and recovery/settings untick the box automatically restart.

This will stop xp rebooting for minor upsets.

Which version of nero have you, did it come with the dvd writer, is it an older version, have you tried reducing the write speed, some suggestions.

  jimv7 07:46 10 Jun 2005

Nero updates from click here

  JayDay 08:22 10 Jun 2005

I have the latest version of Nero. I have tried burning at lower speeds, but this has no effect. In fact my DVD can burn DVD+R at a speed of 16x but Nero only shows a maximum of 12x.

The DVD Writer is a new model, could it be that Nero isn't compatible with it?

  jimv7 09:07 10 Jun 2005

Have you tried upping the buffer in nero settings from default to maximum, also nero will read the speed of the dvd, so if it is not 16x then nero will not burn at 16x, you also don't mention which make of dvd writer you have or how you are trying to burn.

  De Marcus 09:13 10 Jun 2005

Could you post a nero burn log?

  JayDay 09:40 10 Jun 2005

I have a Pioneer DVR-109. jimv7 I will try upping the buffer.

De Marcus where will I find the burn log? Would one be created if the sytem rebooted before the burn was completed?

  De Marcus 09:48 10 Jun 2005

Forget about the log, I've just checked one of mine and you'd have to post it in about 30-40 parts lol. It would have created a log to answer your second question up until the point the pc rebooted.

  JayDay 15:12 14 Jun 2005

The mystery continues. I can burn data DVD's no problem at all. The reboots only occur when creating Video DVD.

  De Marcus 19:19 14 Jun 2005

Check your temperature's as video encoding is cpu intensive, this would explain the reboot should it turn out to be the problem, you can download MBM5 from click here which will give you your temps.

  JayDay 08:58 17 Jun 2005

The problem seems to be Nero, found this on a Forum

"Nero makes coasters when trying to record files larger than 2 GB. Why?
Nero 6 seems to be b0rked. Unlike Nero 5, it sometimes forgets to pop up an error message when the user tries to add a file > 2 GB to an ISO compilation. You have to use UDF."

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