Nero Burns Pic CD fine, but glitchy playback

  Dan 23:32 07 Aug 2004

I made a picture cd using Nero 6 and added a simple mp3 soundtrack. On the hard drive it worked fine and the program went through the burn fine and checked the burn and all with no probs.

Now the images are definitely in place but the slideshow is incredibly jerky and the music erratic.

Is it that the dvd is unable to play both images and sound on a cd? Or might it be simply that the dvd is faulty?

  woodchip 23:39 07 Aug 2004

No I would say it's NERO. Try a different program

  goonerbill © ® 10:10 08 Aug 2004

it could be nero as woodchip stated or it may be down to the quality of the DVD disk itself. you may have a bad one but i'm just guessing really on that.

to find out what the problem is, would be to try a different make of DVD disk and burn the same slideshow again and see if you have the same problem again (may get another coffee cup coaster) but you may have solved if its the software or disks.

  Stuartli 11:28 08 Aug 2004

Are you using a DVD-ROM drive or a DVD player?

In either case, it may be that you need a more modern version to play back what you require.

  Smiler 11:53 08 Aug 2004

Could affected by programs running in the background and using your cpu.

  oldal 12:06 08 Aug 2004

Its probable that the graphics software and the overhead of reading the DVD is "hogging" a high percentage of your computer resources. Thus the audio gets broken up as its software can't keep up with the audio stream.
This is also indicated as you say it works OK from hard disk (ie no DVD read overhead).
You probably need a faster processor and possibly more storage for this to work sucessfully.
What is your hardware spec ?

  Dan 16:05 08 Aug 2004

that a CD wouldn't work?

I made a CD with Nero involving both jpeg images and mp3 music.

I was assuming that the glitchiness had to be the DVD unit because the packet read fine when it was on the hard drive but when played back in the dvd drive ,which must play cds at a good rate, this is when the whole thing turned to mud.

Does this not work with cds?

My sys specs are no longer top of the hill but should be perfectly adequate. Athlon 2200XP, 1gb ram, dvd plus a cdrw drive of 48/24/48. There's also a GeforceFX5900XT for vis and an Audigy card for sound. OS is WinXP Home.

  woodchip 17:11 08 Aug 2004

yours is faster than one of my computers but all my comps work smooth with Slide show on CD. only thing I get is sound and picture not in sink. I use Ulead Photo Explorer 8se to create Slide shoe and burn

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