Nero Burning software problem

  Severn Bore 11:40 27 Jan 2003

I cannot get Nero to start on my Win XP PC. It came bundled with an LG Combi DVD/CDRW. When started it says the CD Writer is already in use and refers to IMAPI being used!
I have tried reinstallin Nero and dowloaded the latest version from the Ahead site to no avail.
A borrowed version of Easy CD Creator seems to run OK, but I would prefer to get Nero working.
Can anyone help please?

  JoeC 11:46 27 Jan 2003

have you disabled the in-built XP burning facility ? If you haven't, disable it and try again. : }

  Philip2 17:30 27 Jan 2003

I have a LG Combi it is a DVD/CDRW but it would never work with Nero it came as yours did with Easy CD Creator also i had to use Power DVD OEM Version that came with the drive for it to play DVD'S without a problem i think people should be aware of this with LG Products perhaps that is why they are a little cheaper.

  User-312386 17:36 27 Jan 2003

do you have a FULL version of NERO or an OEM?

if its an OEM with another manufacturer and not a full version then it will not work


  Elrond 17:50 27 Jan 2003

I just installed the same combi and free software on me dad's PC with no problems. As JoeC said it's probably conflicting with XP's own CD Burning. Uninstall Nero, then disable XP's CD Burning then install Nero

  User-312386 18:50 27 Jan 2003

the only thing that conflicts is the packet writing software(IN-CD)


  Severn Bore 11:12 28 Jan 2003

Thanks for the advice from everyone so far. Can you please explain how to disable the XP Burning software?

  JoeC 11:24 28 Jan 2003

Start > My Computer > right click your cdrw drive > Properties > Recording. Take the tick out of " Enable CD Recording on this drive " . That knocks out the inbuilt burning software, but not Nero. : }

  Severn Bore 11:43 28 Jan 2003

Thanks for the prompt advice

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