Nero - Burning Image Files

  Lomond 14:45 22 Mar 2003

Can anyone help me get to the point where I can burn my digital images on to CD using Nero?
For any one who knows this process, you will know that you first of all need to drag and drop your images into the data area. I am okay to that point and I have a full set of images on the IMAGE
Following that you are instructed to select WRITE CD IMAGE from the FILE menu. My problem is that the file menu does not seem to give me that option and I cannot then get beyond that point.
Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong at this point?

  powerless 15:45 22 Mar 2003

Are you using Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express?

  powerless 15:47 22 Mar 2003

Nero Burning ROM...

  powerless 15:53 22 Mar 2003

When you select "New" what CD of type are you choosing?

  Lomond 18:51 22 Mar 2003

powerless- are you stil there it is Nero v 5.5 9.8 provided as bundled with a Philips 4816.The disk I am using is a standard cdr 650mb

  Lomond 18:51 22 Mar 2003

powerless- are you stil there it is Nero v 5.5 9.8 provided as bundled with a Philips 4816.The disk I am using is a standard cdr 650mb

  leo49 19:02 22 Mar 2003

If I've jumped to the wrong conclusion here please ignore. But I think you're stumbling over the terminology here.In Nero, an Image refers to a special file of the WHOLE CD which is created on your HDD prior to burning - usually employed when burning several copies of the same data so as to save having to recompile the CD.

If,however,the digital images you wish to burn are pictures, etc, then you should choose the Data option and to burn select 'Write CD'.

As I say, if I've misunderstood kindly ignore.


  powerless 20:00 22 Mar 2003

Ok, Well if you want to pop the pictures of the camera and onto a CD this is what i do. (for storage)

Go to File > New > Then select "CD ROM (ISO)"...

Now it should open up under "MultiSession" if you wish to add more pictues to the CD at a later date select "Start Mulitsession Disc". You could then click on "Label" and give the CD a name for example 'my_cam_pics". (if you do not want to add pics and you want the CD all finished with choose "No Mulitsession")

Then click "NEW"...

There should be two windows "ISO1" and "File Browser" Locate the pictures you want to pop on the CD using the "File Browser".

You need to get your pictures showing in the ISO1 window, so drag the pictures over by clicking and holding down the mouse button and moving it over to the ISO1 window and the pictures should appear OR right click each picture and click "Copy to compilation".

When you have done this for all your pictures. Go to > File > Write CD... > A window will pop under a "Burn" tab. Just click "write" and away it burns.

An image is the wrong type you are trying to deal with, as leo49 says.

You could aslo update Nero click here

  powerless 20:01 22 Mar 2003

Oh if you decide to start a Multisession disc make sure you save it at then end of the burm this will allow you to add more pics at a later date.

  Lomond 00:42 23 Mar 2003

Thanks to you both for your advice I will give your suggestions a run, I did create an image file of JPEGS; perhaps as you say if I create a data file I might get there.
I will keep you posted.

  Lomond 12:48 24 Mar 2003

Cheers folks. I can now burn the images on to CD.
Thanks Again

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