Nero Buffer Under Run

  h04x 10:49 08 Jul 2003

I have been trying to write a music cd and when it records it does about 5 % then it says that it has had a buffer under run, it used up the tempory buffers but still failed to write the cd, is there anything i can do to sort that, i.e. increase the buffer size? any help much appreciated, scott

  Gaz 25 10:55 08 Jul 2003

Is it a new CD-RW, newer ones include Buffer Under Run protection, or you could try seperate IDE channels.

  -pops- 11:00 08 Jul 2003

Is this "on the fly" copying you are trying to do i.e. from CD ROM to CD writer? If so, copy to your hard drive first or (not so good) ensure your writing speed is less than half of the readin speed of the drive being read from.

  h04x 11:01 08 Jul 2003

it is not too new, it writes sum songs, but jus seems to fail, all of a suddent the buffer drops right down and then it tells me the error, is there any way i can increase teh size of the buffer?

  Confab 11:13 08 Jul 2003

A few things to try : -

Turn off all running apps ie ctrl, alt del and end task before burning. Some apps running in the background can cause this problem.

Don't burn on the fly, its the most error prone type of burning. Create an image first on your hard drive. If the cd you're copying from has errors on it and the data can't be read you'll get a buffer underrun.

Try burning at slower speeds. You're less likely to get buffer underruns.

You can't increase the buffer size

What software are you using?


  Confab 11:16 08 Jul 2003

Sorry what version of Nero?

  h04x 12:38 08 Jul 2003

im running Nero, i have been writing from HDD to CD, i have found that if i write at 2x then it seems to work fine, this is rather frustrating!!! lol, i guess i will have to make do, atleast i can work it and get sum cd's made, thanks for all your help it is very much appreciated,

Regards, Scott

  Confab 12:48 08 Jul 2003

There is a newer version of Nero available click here this may help. Its free and worth a go.

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