nero 8 versus nero8 oem

  sunny staines 11:56 01 Apr 2008

i know number 8 is bloatware is it modular like nero 6 where you only install what bits you want?

whats missing in the oem version is a lot cheaper, are any parts disabled?

  johndrew 12:08 01 Apr 2008
  sunny staines 12:11 01 Apr 2008


do you know what the limited functions are?

  johndrew 16:52 01 Apr 2008

Sorry I don`t, but I feel certain if you ask on the Nero Support site you will get a good answer.

  johndrew 16:54 01 Apr 2008

I should add that there appears to be some concern about some aspects of Nero 8 as there have been some adverse comments in different areas. But then this is always the case with an updated item as some features suit some people .......

  sunny staines 18:38 01 Apr 2008


thanks. i was hoping reader might have nero 8 oem.
i will try for a phone number for ahead and ring them.

  Stuartli 22:59 01 Apr 2008

An OEM version is usually supplied with a rewriter - it can be updated in the same way as the retail version.

  Peter 00:30 02 Apr 2008


I understand that an OEM version will only work with the drive it is supplied with so that if your drive fails and you replace it with a different make/model the OEM version will not load. How true this is I can't tell as I have not needed to replace my CD drive.


  MCE2K5 01:50 02 Apr 2008

What does OEM or Essentials version mean?.

OEM represents "Original Equipment Manufacturer". These versions are normally sold to customers with bundled hardware like recorders or pc systems. The sale of these versions without the hardware (recorders, pc systems etc.) is allowed in Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and China. It is not allowed to sell these versions without the related hardware in all other countries. Nero 7 and Nero 8 Essentials are OEM versions whith limited functionality. Customers who have purchased an OEM or Essentials version can buy additional plug-ins or upgrade to the full version of Nero 8.


What is the difference between Nero Ultra Edition, Nero Premium and Nero Essentials/Nero OEM?.

Nero Ultra Edition (Enhanced)
Nero Ultra Edition is the name of the full Nero package available in the US, Latin America and Canada.
Nero Ultra "Enhanced" is the name of the latest update of Nero 7 Ultra Edition.

Nero Premium Edition (Reloaded)
Nero Premium is the name of the full Nero package available in all other countries.
Nero Premium "Reloaded" is the name of the latest Update of Nero Premium.

Nero Essentials/OEM
Nero Essentials/OEM are versions of Nero that do not contain all the features of the retail version.
Please note that the recorder manufacturers, who bundle their hardware with Nero software, decide which features will be implemented in the Nero Essentials/OEM version so Essentials or OEM versions do not have the full functionality of a full version.

  sunny staines 10:19 02 Apr 2008

thanks for all the replies, i have seen novatech selling oem nero 8 on its own for a very reduced price. i was thinking of getting it but novatech never replied to my email. re this enq.

  sunny staines 14:55 02 Apr 2008

i have been told the only difference is the
Nero Digital, MPEG 4, AVC part is only valid for a month on the oem but everything else is the real thing with no restrictions. can anyone confirm this please.

but for £9 versus £45 this would be ok with me using the cheaper option.

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