nero 7 or new roxio media creator ?

  chippy+ 09:19 23 Dec 2005

i have nero 7 but have heard roxio media creator 8 getting good reports has anyone tried it thanks chippy

  Shortstop 10:12 23 Dec 2005


I have used Nero for years and, like you, heard great things about Roxio 8 from friends but never bothered to switch.

Last year my daughter bought me a new DVD-RW drive bundled with Nero 7 that needed to write DVDs. To be honest, I don't like the new layout as the menus seem busy & complicated. Went to see my son who has Roxio 8 & I was impressed with what I saw and how the various suites are so well integrated, has idiot-proof [to me anyhow] set up & an easy to follow process.

I have now bought this myself & ditched Nero and am much happier with this. To be honest, this is a major change as, before Nero 7, I saw no reason to ever change and enjoyed the comfort of knowing the program & how to use it. It seemed to complicated to learn again.

But I'm glad I did!



  Shortstop 10:13 23 Dec 2005

Why is ityou spot the mistakes once you press 'send'??

"heard great things about Roxio 8 from friends" should read "heard great things about Roxio from friends" !

  chippy+ 13:02 23 Dec 2005

Hi Shortstop
thanks for the reply I like yourself find nero to busy and am not completely happy with it I have two pcs networked so i will try roxio in one and see what I think is best for me. there is also a small free stand alone cd/dvd burner for anyone not requiring all the extras it is called micro20 and can fit on a floppy as it is an exe thanks again Chippy

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