Nero 6...problems(no doubt simply solved!)...when

  GasGasOhlins 17:51 26 Jan 2007

I prepare some pictures to copy onto a DVD-RW(which already has a few pix on it)...when I go to burn them it prompts me with words to the effect of `the disc is not you want to erase it before copying pix`...when i say `no` to this is fires out the disc saying that the burning is aborted....
I thought the whole point of starting with a new disc was that when you need to add more pix you do so as a rolling project...

I just have nero installed and the whole thing is fairly new to me...any thoughts folks...


  Totally-braindead 17:57 26 Jan 2007

I use Nero 6 a lot, but have never used a DVDRW disk. I know that when burning a CD and you add more stuff on you must make sure mulitsession is ticked. Its on the final page that says Burn. Otherwise it will finalise the disk and you can't add more on it.
I assume its the same with a DVDRW.
And I think I should mention that DVDRW disks are not good enough for long term storage. You're better using either CDs or DVDs not the rewritable equivalents and create a multisession disk.

  Stuartli 18:04 26 Jan 2007

If you have SmartStart select DVD as the media.

I second Totally-braindead's point on using write rather than rewrite disks in multisession form.

Don't forget to Save the file in between each additional multisession addition, otherwise it all goes pearshaped...:-)

  Totally-braindead 18:09 26 Jan 2007

Further to my point about not using rewriteable disks for storage. I recommend making 2 copies of things which are not replaceable. Things like digital camera photos and the like.
Check both disks are ok every few months and if one fails for whatever reason immediatly copy the one that is ok.
The disks are not expensive and you can get a hell of a lot of photos on one DVD or even CD for that matter.

  BRYNIT 18:48 26 Jan 2007

If you have used CD-RW disks and have not sellected multisession it will ask you if you want to erase the disk.

If you want to add to this disk you will have to copy the files from the CD back to the hard drive you can now use nero to erase the disk and write the files back to the disk remembering to allow mulisession this will allow you to add further files.

  GasGasOhlins 06:18 27 Jan 2007

excellent !!...I`ll also take into account the points made about DVD/RW I`m only just starting to store all my digital images its good to find this out at the start rather than 20GB later!!!...I`ll buy DVD`s later today and get on it...Good idea too about 2 discs as a failsafe....

Thanks again to all..

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