Nero 6 Will not work with Vista

  weatherstation 19:50 08 Oct 2009

Hi folks. I have Nero 6, and have recently bought a new laptop with Vista, but Nero 6 does install, but keeps saying " There are know problems with this version of Windows" Does anybody know a work around? I have tried installing Nero 6 using the compatibility method, but I still get the same message. Thanks in advance for any help. WS

  Terry Brown 19:54 08 Oct 2009

Try this link for capability mode (Vista)
click here


  weatherstation 16:33 12 Oct 2009

Thanks Terry for you link, sorry for the delay in replying, but have been away. I did try running in compatibility mode, but did not tick the visual themes etc. When I get a mo, I will try again. Once again, thanks for your help. WS

  woodchip 17:21 12 Oct 2009

Have you tried it in Compatibility mode?

  woodchip 17:22 12 Oct 2009

Sorry did not read last post

  Stuartli 17:52 12 Oct 2009

You can get Nero Essentials at very low prices:

click here

Also see:

click here

Nero 9 Essentials:

click here

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