Nero 6 Reloaded

  Portly 23:06 18 Oct 2005

I recently upgraded to Nero 6 reloaded from OEM.
This resulted in a change from Vision Express 2 to Express 3. If I now import video files to a project, they appear twice the size of the original, and indeed twice the size they were in Express 2. Exporting a file now takes hours, where it would have taken a 12/ 15 minutes. Config settings seem to be the same. I suspect that I am doing something stupid but cannot see where. Any help please. I am running XP Home with a 2.8 Sempron, 120 G hard drive, lots of spare room, and 512 RAM.

  Portly 18:19 19 Oct 2005

Any help please

  SOFTWARE SID 22:44 19 Oct 2005

Having similar problems with my comparable setup - used to be able to transcode Mpeg files straight from my USB Twinhan Freeview box in 20-30 mins for a two hour film ; now it takes two hours!

I recently had to restore my machine to factory settings and install SP2, before updating Nero 6 to the current version via the website.

I've tried fiddling with the options under the 'More' button on Vision Express 3, but they only shave a minute or two off transcoding times.

Any idea where I'm going wrong?

  Portly 23:19 19 Oct 2005

Hi, nice to learn that I am not alone. I am getting even sillier times, one and a half hour films have gone from around 11/12 minutes to crazy anticipated 7 plus hours. I have even come across 11 hrs. Give up after a half hour and no apparent export progress. I have changed all sorts of config settings, but like you find only marginal improvements.
Also I have searched thru Nero FAQ's and found nothing like this.
I have a report in with Nero at present. The only solution that works for me was to uninstall and drop back to OEM with Express 2.

I will update this thread with any useful info

  SOFTWARE SID 08:54 20 Oct 2005

Looks like I might have to go back to Vision Express 2 myself.

One thing to throw into the mix here - could it be some sort of change in the Freeview system - channels broadcasting at different bitrates maybe - that's causing Nero to struggle w/ transcoding?

  Portly 11:10 20 Oct 2005

Just seems to be an issue with Express 3 in my case. The same problems occur with previously recorded files. ie files that Express 2 chomped through.

Having dropped back to OEM, everything is working fine, but I have just edited a two hour plus film, and guess what. Just too big to fit on a standard DVD. Can't recode with OEM to reduce it. Arrrrrrrgggghhhh !!!!

  zarobian 12:09 20 Oct 2005

In such cases Nero recommends that you uninstall the software using Nero Clean Tool downable from nero's site and then reinstall the new version of the software again.

Worth a try.


  zip72 12:45 20 Oct 2005

I have a fully updated Nero Reloaded.About 6 months ago I started making DVD-Video filmstrips of my pictures via Nero Express..Initially I used DVD+RW....and erased when I made errors. With more experience I was able to go straight to problems.However, today I tried to put a new compilation onto an Imation DVD+RW.It appeared to burn, but would not replay...'unknown file structure'....What have I forgotten? Does anyone recognise the problem ?
All advice would be welcome..Many thanks......Zoot72.

  Portly 15:11 20 Oct 2005

I did an update through there "special offer" facility for OEM users.

Everything installs ok and I successfully updated the four packages that Nero 6 Reloaded indicated. Once again without problem.

The problem occurs when you then try to use the DVD facility. Nero Vision express 2 has been replaced by Nero Vision Express 3. If you now add any MPEG2 file to a project, it appears about twice as big ( in Gbits ) as the original file.
Vision express 2 added a file at the original size.

After editing, trying to export the new video, or setting chapter points, or any thing like that, results in a projected time of anything over 7 hours.

Express 2 does the same job in about 20 minutes.

Hardly an upgrade !!!! All my config settings appear the same, and I get no error messages.

You may say " then why bother to upgrade ? ".

Answer, for the recode and VTS / VOB file facilities.

OEM cannot deal with these.

  zarobian 11:16 21 Oct 2005

I think you should contact Nero support. Their response to such problems is excellent

I had a problem when I was recoding a dvd using nero express 3 and their answer was to uninstall using their clean tool. I did and every thing was ok after reinstallation. But your case is different then mine.

  Portly 19:36 21 Oct 2005

I have been in touch with Nero and they have asked for more details. Your experience is encouraging. I want to do every thing methodically, and report back the rewsults to them. Hope to update the thread with good news then.

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