Nero 6 Problem

  [DELETED] 21:34 23 May 2006

Whenever I open Nero Startsmart I keep getting a Nero Upgrade icon deposited on my desktop. Does anyone know how i can stop this?

  [DELETED] 21:44 23 May 2006

If you click on the fire symbol button (bottom right) try unchecking the automatic updates box.

  [DELETED] 21:52 23 May 2006

Did as you suggested Hertz but still the same

  BRYNIT 22:09 23 May 2006

Go to c:\program files\common files\Ahead\lib you should find an icon I think looks like a red box or somthing like it. It may say update just delet it. If I remember it is the only icon in this folder apart from the dll files. You should also find a link to it in one of the folders in Start\all program\nero.

  [DELETED] 22:27 23 May 2006

I have the application as well, but Norton is set to block all that stuff from Ahead so it will not appear.

  [DELETED] 23:10 23 May 2006

BRYNIT- Brilliant - your advice worked well - thank you

  [DELETED] 10:27 24 May 2006

Thank you Brynit, that sorted it.

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