Nero 6 Problem

  [DELETED] 13:43 03 Nov 2003

I have tried to copy images from one CD to another using Nero 6 on my pc run by Windows 2000 Pro and get a box appear which says: It looks like both your source and destination drives for the 'on the fly' copy process are connected to the same IDE bus. We would strongly recommend you to connect your source and destination drives to different IDE buses.' It continues to state: 'Technical background: An IDE bus cannot handle interleaved read and write commands. This will reduce the data transfer rate during 'on the fly' copies, and may therefore cause a buffer underrun error.' I then have the option to 'continue anyway' or to 'cancel'. Does anyone have any idea what this is about and what I should do to rectify it. But, please keep it simple. :-)

  [DELETED] 13:50 03 Nov 2003

Your hard drive and your Cd writer are on the same cable (not uncommon) you need to untick 'On The Fly' & let Nero copy the file to your hard drive then automatically write from there to your Cd Writer. In my experience this gives far greater reliability than copying 'On The Fly' - straight from one Cd to another anyway.

  [DELETED] 13:52 03 Nov 2003

Where do I find 'on the fly' within Nero to untick?

  [DELETED] 14:05 03 Nov 2003

As I am usinhg version 7 I can't remember, it may be called 'quick copy' that you may need to untick.

  [DELETED] 14:49 03 Nov 2003

Thanks, I did find it and managed to do the copies I wanted. However, whenever I use Nero it disconnects my broadband connection?? Also, after a bit of use it reboots my PC. Is it me or what???

  [DELETED] 22:56 03 Nov 2003

on the fly works very well as long as the recorder is twice as fast as the player.
so your player must be the slower of your two drives.
i use nero 6 and it does'nt reboot as you have said or disconnect my broadband ?
try re-installing nero ? also there now are update file for nero 6 on their web site

  [DELETED] 23:07 03 Nov 2003

sorry got it in reverse..the player must be faster than the underun

  [DELETED] 00:14 04 Nov 2003

huddy1710 copies are not done well on the fly if the units share a IE port as it can either read or write not both at the same time as is needed for on the fly copying. One way aroundf is to alter the IDE cable arrangment.

  [DELETED] 00:15 04 Nov 2003

Ooooops... IDE Port

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