nero 6 oem

  [DELETED] 02:04 25 Nov 2003

Does anyone know if the oem vers of nero 6 comes with INCD?

If not can the oem be updated via their site?

Nero's site does have an update for INCD but is it only for a retail package?

I have sent them an email but they need a few days to reply.

  [DELETED] 13:54 25 Nov 2003

InCD came with my 5.5 nero oem a year or so back, look in the disks directory or easier just put the disk back in your cd drive let it run and see what options appear. I think you had to install InCD seperately from the main prog Nero. And with the oem I was still able to upgrade, when you had d/l the .exe file and dclicked it, it searched your pc to see if you were/are eligilbe.

  [DELETED] 13:57 25 Nov 2003

I have purchased Nero 6 OEM and is has InCD4 on it ,Toni

  [DELETED] 14:10 25 Nov 2003

I have not yet purch nero6 but see it is £14.97 and think it is oem. How much did you pay?
I only need the incd but £14.97 is cheap enough.

  [DELETED] 23:28 28 Nov 2003

I paid £8 including postage from ebay,sorry I replied so late I was just going through my postings (cant find the ebay seller... more than 30 days ago but if you look on ebay there are a lot of sellers just be sure you get one with a serial number)
Regards Toni

  Stuartli 09:25 29 Nov 2003

OEM versions are normally supplied with rewriters and are specific to that particular brand; my TDK Vortex and now CyClone's copy of Nero5.5 both include the TDK name on the sleeve and TDK's own jukebox etc software.

  [DELETED] 00:48 03 Dec 2003

I purch nreo 6 oem for £11 with ser num so it can go onto any comp.

It allows me to upgrade/update from nero's home page.

Incd comes with it and that also has a free upgrade on the home page.

  [DELETED] 01:01 03 Dec 2003

click here and scroll halfway down the page. £4.99 + P&P link curtesy of leo49. j.

  [DELETED] 01:02 03 Dec 2003

"courtesy" even :o(

  [DELETED] 01:23 03 Dec 2003

Are the OEM versions updateable? &... Is the version from SVP usable on any writer, as Ahead want around $60 for the latest version (Full) on the site.

  [DELETED] 01:57 03 Dec 2003

This particular one is, as it comes with it's own serial number, and is an independent program. Some are tied to the CD drive that they are sold with and I don't think they qualify for the up-grade, or work with another drive.

If it says Nero on the CD and not the name of the drive as well, then OK to buy for any drive. j.

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