Nero 6 Buffer under run -Win M.E

  holly polly 18:25 24 Sep 2004

Hi using nero 6 fully updated ,I use to burn music cds at 16x speed regulary no problem just of late the fastest i am able to burn is 8x ,the cdrw is a msi 52m and does have burnproof installed so i do not usually get any coasters ,its just that it takes around 9 minutes to now burn a 700mb disk where has it use to take 4 minutes ,i shut down unnecessary programmes with ctrl -alt and delete just leaving the necessary programmes running ,all the ide drivers chipset are up to date -I have upgraded the firmware so that is the latest -any ideas anyone?
best regards-hol pol...

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 18:58 24 Sep 2004

You have an old driver from another program like CD Easywriter you need to uninstall. Contact the helpdesk.

OR take this advice

There are drivers left on your system from another burning software. The
problem is: This is a driver used by Roxio'S software. However you can try this out if you want:
Please use the driver clean tool in order to disable these drivers.
Download from click here
Extract the zipped files onto your hard disk using WinZip or WinRar.
You should now have two files: Driver-CleanTool.exe and RegistryChecker.exe.
First, run Driver-CleanTool.exe by double-clicking it.
Driver-CleanTool will deactivate drivers that caused problems in Nero in the
Confirm the deactivation of the drivers displayed in order to prevent known
driver conflicts from reoccurring in the future.
These drivers also exist, with values, in the registry in Windows NT, 2000
and XP.
In order to ensure that these are also deactivated you will need to run the
RegistryChecker file.

The Registry Checker will run very quickly. It is likely that you won't see
any action after double clicking the file.
Note: Running the Registry Checker is not necessary for Windows ME, 98SE, 98
or 95.

  holly polly 19:33 24 Sep 2004

The clean tool found these files may I delete them?

Regards-Hol Pol....

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 22:58 24 Sep 2004

Yes but I think you will find them deactivated and don`t need to delete them. Reboot and see how it goes


  holly polly 16:40 24 Dec 2004

problem was amd drivers too new gone back to old drivers and now ok -many thanks -hol pol....

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