Nero 5 problem

  greenish 19:48 18 Apr 2005

Hi. my first post and i'm asking for help i'm afriad. i am using nero 5 burning rom and my problem is that when i try to burn a disc i get image recorder only, and there does not seem to be an off button! it burned ok before so i am at a loss has to what happened.
thanks in advance.

  mattyc_92 19:50 18 Apr 2005

There should be a "drop-list" that lists ALL CD/DVD-RW drives installed on the system.... Just change to the drive you wish to use...

  greenish 20:00 18 Apr 2005

Yes i must admit to being told about the drop list. but i have clicked on everything and i am blowed if i find it. thanks for the reply.

  mattyc_92 20:06 18 Apr 2005

Try using Nero Express as this WILL display the option of the selecting drive thing I am talking about....

  Chegs ® 20:10 18 Apr 2005

Sounds like InCD has crashed taking out the optical drives.I have had this repeatedly when sorting thru my DVD/RW discs,those that dont work lockup the drive,or crash explorer,etc.I got fedup of rebooting to remove the offending disc,so used "Device Manager" to delete the drive,removed disc,click the add hardware button and left XP to locate it,and reinstall its drivers(Including restarting InCD)

  greenish 20:48 18 Apr 2005

i still have the nero5 disc and have done a del/reinstall several times, but still have the same problem. and nero express has disapeared
bit of a newbie at this as you may gather.

  jolorna 21:25 18 Apr 2005

have you updated your nero 5 click here

  Simsy 21:34 18 Apr 2005

on the Menubar at the top choose "Recorder"

The "Choose Recorder"

You should now have a list of the recording devices on your system that Nero recognises./ Choose the actual CD burner and it should stay as the default until you change it.

If it doesn't appear there I'm afraid I don't know what to do! Can the CD device READ CDs OK? If not maybe the cable has become loose.

Good luck,



  wobblymike 22:13 18 Apr 2005


Has this copy of nero worked with this drive before - you hint above it may hase if so what I am about to suggest would be negated.

Image recorder often shows if the nero software installed is a bundled disc which came with a different drive many drives have nero with them but they will only work with that drive if you later change the drive you suddenly find your software don't work. Solution is to get an updated full copy of NERO - does this help?

  greenish 22:34 18 Apr 2005

Thanks Wobblymike but this is the origlnal drive along with the disc, i have found the dropdown but only the image recorder is on the list, nothing else is clickable.

  pj123 22:36 18 Apr 2005

Might I also suggest that you update your version. Nero is now on ver.

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