March Wind 20:33 15 May 2012

I have windows XP. Trying to put still pictures on a disk. Useing Nero Express D:TSScorpCDDVDWSH-S202H (DVD Click Data Click Add But I only get Icons. If I click on the icon it says whats this. I have made disks before and all I can see is icons that will not open up. Can you addvise please? as in 1 2 3 etc. I need it spelling out to me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:08 15 May 2012

Once Nero starts, move the mouse over the Data icon (to the right of the star). Then click on Make Data CD

Note: You can choose to make several different types of CDs. An Audio CD and a Data CD are not the same thing. An audio CD plays music only and is primarily used in stand-alone CD players in cars, home stereos and portable CD players, and contains only audio tracks. A Data CD is used primarily to store files (i.e. Word files, web pages, etc.) which can be opened on a computer. When burning MP3’s you have a choice whether to use the audio CD format or data CD format. If you burn an audio CD you will only be able to place up to an hour or so of music on the disc. However, if you burn a data CD that contains the MP3 files you can potentially save up to 10 hours of music on one CD. The downside is that data CD’s (even if it’s only MP3 files) will not play in most CD players and will only be accessible through a PC. You can generally store up to 650 to 700 megabytes of information to a data CD, and 74 to 80 minutes of music to an audio CD.

A dialog box will appear, click the Add button to add files to your CD.

Browse for the location of your file and then click the Add button. Note: the My Documents folder is your Home Folder, also, once you are finished adding files to your CD, click the Finished button.

Once you have all the files you wish to be burned to the CD chosen, press the Next button to proceed.

Next you will see the final step before burning the CD, if you have not already placed a blank CD into the CD-RW drive, please do so now, and click on Burn Note: within the box labled Current Recorder, please make sure it does not say “Image Recorder”. The Image Recorder will not burn your files to a CD. Instead it will create what is called an “Image File.” An Image file is a single file that contains all the data that is written to a CD. To burn to a CD ensure the CD burner is selected. It is commonly the D: or E: drives in most campus computers.

Once Nero is finished burning the CD it will eject the completed disc. Please label your new CD and close the CD-RW drive. Press the Exit button to exit Nero. It will ask you if you would like to save your project, click No.

  March Wind 21:56 15 May 2012

Thank you for all that info. Not sure about image but I am wanting to wright to a DVD. I have had a go and saved the project but I have saved them in my doc as image mrg. I guess I had saved as image also have saved in my doc as (txt?

If I do as you say I only get icons when I hover over them. it says (Select this) I do not want just icons as I have had this before. Sometimes, not sure how but I can see the picture that I want to put on disk, As it is, I am not sure what the icon is a picture of. When I click on File I see these ISODVDnri ISO DVDddnri. I just do not want to keep makeing mistakes and wasting my disks

  lotvic 23:06 15 May 2012

Forget the free nero express that you downloaded.

Instead download the free CDBurnerXP (it burns DVD's as well as CD's) ClickHere

Install the program and open it, then choose to 'Burn a Data Disc' and click on OK, then you just browse to the pictures on your computer and drag the ones you want into the window that says 'Drag and Drop Files Here' then you click on 'Burn'.

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