Southernboy 20:46 26 Aug 2005

In view of the many critisms of Pinnacle that I have heard, I am thinking of investing in Nero as PC World are advertising it at half-price.

Do I have to uninstall Pinnacle, or can I leave it on the PC until I see how I get on with Nero?

Does Nero have a backup program or does it just write to discs? A backup program that writes over multiple discs would be useful.

  AndySD 21:13 26 Aug 2005

Nero has a backup over multiple disks.
You can leave pinacle on the pc.
I have 3 burning programs on mine.

Make sure its Nero 6 and not 5.5

click here Nero features

  freaky 13:28 27 Aug 2005

I installed Nero6 Reloaded two weeks ago in place of Pinnacle.....Nero is by far superior.

Once you install it, then make sure you download Update Nero- exe from their website.

When you open this update there are 4 separate EXE files, don't load INCD- Otherwise you
will find the Icons for Nero on your Desktop will disappear as I found out to my cost!! I had to uninstall the whole program then re-install again.

Nero6 includes Suite 3, this has everything you could possibly want including back-up.

I uninstalled Pinnacle once Nero6 was installed in order to conserve disk capacity. and the fact that the program was now redundant!!!

  pj123 13:41 27 Aug 2005

What is PC Worlds half price? You can get Nero 6 from click here

for £3.49 plus postage.

That's where I got mine from and then updated it to the latest version for free on the Nero website as freaky says. There are two update files both of which are about 35mb each so if you are not on Broadband it will take a while. If you are on dialup and would like the updates please email me via the envelope and I will put them on a CD and post it out to you.

  bosmere 15:01 27 Aug 2005

If space isn't a problem keep Pinnacle to edit your home movie and render to MPEG files, but import the files to Nero to make your chapters etc. and burn to disc.

  freaky 18:18 27 Aug 2005

The link you supplied is only selling Nero Suite 1, not the full program i.e. Suite 1,3 and 3. The Nero PCW are selling and which I have, is the full program.

When you did the download you just got updates for Suite 1.


  gammas 19:16 27 Aug 2005

If you want to copy dvd's,download "1 click copy".
Much better and easier than nero or pinnacle.

  gammas 19:17 27 Aug 2005

extra to above. Should read - 1 click dvd copy.

  Mr Beeline 21:33 27 Aug 2005

With regard to having multiple CD/DVD writing software. The problem that some people have, is that they end up with two diffent sets of "packet writing" software installed and these can call conflits (NERO's is called INCD, can't remember what Pinnacles is called).

With regard to pinnacle instant CD/DVD, I had loads of problems with the copy that came with my MESH PC last year and after more Emails to their tech support people, ended up ditching it and getting Nero. OEM copies f Nero can be obtained quite cheaply of Ebay (NB. not tallking about pirate copies obviously! though the resale of OEM versions of software is still I suppose a bit of a grey area).

One problem I did have un-installing Pinnacle instant CD/DVD, was getting rid of the VOB drive (IE. virtual drive that the sofware uses). Had to use a reg. editor to get rid of it! So much for their uninstall software!

  Southernboy 22:16 27 Aug 2005

I would want to buy the latest version, which I believe is 6, as this is necessary for Service pack 2. Nero has to be complete in the retail box. I have NO internet connection on my home PC and cannot download anything.

Mr Beeline - you posting confuses me. All I want to do is to back-up data files over multiple CDRW discs. No interest in anything else, and certainly not videos or digital photographs. If I have going to have a trauma uninstalling Pinnacle, then I will have to think again. I have no wish to tinker with the Registry.

Yes Nero 6 retail has a backup facility, which does allow you to span CDRs.

Yes, the Nero 6 backup program works very well. i have used it myself.

But I would also use Nero as a conventional burner software to manually back up my important data.

What was confusing about mr beelines post - how would anyone know you had no interest in photos, indeed no one has mentioned it.

In fact - reading your posts, lots of constructive advice has been offered to you re, backing up and GOOD advice on Pinnacle and INCD. Take the advice give, dont knock it. Packet writing software (INCD)(GOBACK)(DirectCD), all of which are good but can cause problems. But you need to make your own mind up and cut the attitude.

Adice, take it or leave it. Buy Nero, use the normal CD Writing program to backup your files manually. Check each disk after burning to ensure you can read the data. Dont install INCD. I never have. You have the same facility inbuilt into XP.

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