Chezdez 17:53 14 Jan 2005

this is a bit of an unusual one, but, what isn't these days?

OK, i ordered a router/modem/switch, and was suprised to find an OEM suite of nero in the box (proper disc) with the serial number and everything! very weird

anyway, my intiail thought was to install it on my mates PC (he's currently using cracked nero) and then i remembered that nero only works with burner it was bundled with.

so, my question, is there anyway of by-passing this feature, so that he can download all the updates? (his current version refuses to work if updated)

thanks in advance

  TECHNODIMWIT 18:01 14 Jan 2005

click here

didnt get one with burner given to me, but this works fine, but agree the old copy i have is locked to that burner manufacturer.

  mattyc_92 18:02 14 Jan 2005

If it has got a serial number, that usually means that it is a "boxed" version (you can buy seperately from places like PC World)...

Install the program and see if it works!!!

  Chezdez 18:08 14 Jan 2005

yeah, i did install it by accident on my machine (got it mixed it up with my copy) and it wouldn't have it sorry, forgot to mention that :S

  Chezdez 09:50 20 Jan 2005


  goonerbill © ® 09:59 20 Jan 2005

the reason it may not have worked (loaded)on your pc, is as you said you all ready had a version installed and a seriel number stored on you pc and it would have clashed with the one you accidently tried installing.

there should be no reason why it cannot be installed on your friends pc after uninstalling his dodgy version.

  Stuartli 10:29 20 Jan 2005

My original copies of Nero 5 and then Nero 5.5 were OEM versions specifically for two TDK CD rewriters.

No serial number was provided and I've always assumed that this was purely because they would only work with the particular TDK drives.

There were no problems updating these two versions on the ahead website.

  Chezdez 11:17 20 Jan 2005

stuartli, the problem is, i don't know what the original drive is!! i got nero with a router!!

  Stuartli 11:23 20 Jan 2005

If it comes with a serial number it should work on any rewriter drive.

Even so it does seem curious as to why you got a copy with this particular product.

Might have been a special offer if you bought a particular item or items.

  Chezdez 11:26 20 Jan 2005

no, it doesn't have a serial number, it's the OEM version, like the version i got with my DVD-RW

and as for why i got it with a router, ??????????????????????????????????????????

i just need to know if theres anyway around the feature that means it only works with the drive it was bundled with?

  ACOLYTE 12:21 20 Jan 2005

There might be if you could find out what drive it was supposed to come with,without knowing that i dont think you can do a lot.
In your first post you said " OEM suite of nero in the box (proper disc) with the serial number and everything! very weird" with the serial number you can just install on any pc,even you mates and it should work he will need to uninstall the old copy first and use the nero clean tool to completly remove the bits left in the reg.

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