edgie 16:03 16 Nov 2004

I have just purchased a DVD writer and want to use it to back up my PS2 games and also my bought DVDs. I understand that Nero is a good choice for this but I am getting a little confused about all the suites available. Do I need suite 1,2,3 or all of them to achieve what I want to do?

  TomJerry 16:13 16 Nov 2004

you cannot do any of your tasks with Nero because all of tasks you want to do break copyright law and Nero and other reputable software makers will not produce any product to break the law.

You can do the task you want to do if you are prepare to use illegal software and want to do some underground detective work.

However, noone in here will risk their neck to advice you.

  ACOLYTE 16:14 16 Nov 2004

If you intend to do dvds you will need nero 6 reloaded that should do the lot.

  ACOLYTE 16:18 16 Nov 2004

But as TomJerry said you may get errors saying it wont copy protected dvds and things you need software that doesnt do this and there isnt a lot about unless as said you dig in the pits of the net and then you may get more than you wonted.Clone cd may do the ps2 games but it wont do the dvds.

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