Nero 11 and burnt image files

  redbarron 11:45 03 Dec 2012

Windows 7 home Premium OS. Software - Nero 11 Platinum

What happens to the burnt image files once the burning to disc process is completed. Are they stored in a folder somewhere, or are they automatically deleted.

The reason I ask is, I made an image file of some software and burnt is to disc. But when I opened the disc I found it had been burn with a different image file.

This is why I want to find any old image files and delete them.

  northumbria61 12:13 03 Dec 2012

Try searching for .NRG files - they are usually stored in a TEMP folder.

I don't use Nero but - In Nero, new selection, select DVD copy, first tab (labelled 'Image') shows location of temp NRG file (and its name)...directly underneath that is a box, "Delete image file after disc copy".

  redbarron 12:41 03 Dec 2012

Thanks for the info northumbria61

I found out exactly the area you are talking about, and the delete after burning box is already checked. But that is in Burning Rom. I used Nero Express. Whether it is all interlinked I don't know.

I had copied an image to the computer but did not burn it, so I assume it is still on the system somewhere. I uspect it's the 532mb file I mention below.

I did locate the NRG file which is 532mb in size. I tried opening it but it needs some different software to open. If I delete the file all that happens is my DVD disc isn't recognised when trying to copy an image to it. So I suspect it is part of the Nero software. Fortuntely I had'nt got rid of it completely and managed to 'restore' it.

Still, I would like to find that old image file and get rid of it if possible.

Any help appreciated.

  northumbria61 13:09 03 Dec 2012

Have you tried looking in C:\Documents and Settings[username]\Local Settings\Temp

By default, the image file will be named TempImage.nrg.

  redbarron 14:49 03 Dec 2012

The TempImage.nrg file is in My Documents among my Word files, size 532mb.


  redbarron 15:45 03 Dec 2012

Hi northumbria61

In the end I deleted the nrg file to the recycle bin, but didn't delete it completely, just in case.

I carried out another copy/image burn with success.

Don't ask me what I had done previously to mess it all up, but it's all sorted now.

Thank you for your help.

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