Negative scanners

  COUCHER 01:13 18 Jul 2003

Can anyone recomenda reasonalbe quality scanner at £100 or under that will give good quality images including transperencies and negatives with red filter compensation. Over the past 40 yrs I have done quite a lot of photography mainly on transparencies which I processed myself but some on red filtered negatives which I would now like to put on disk.
Any help would be appreciated

  Magik ®© 08:37 18 Jul 2003

i dont think you will get much of a film scanner for £100, second hand maybe.........if you can find a few more pennies Minolta do a good one, i have the Dimage scan duel, it is fast and accurate.

  stlucia 08:39 18 Jul 2003

In my experience, for under £100 all you can get is a film adaptor for a normal flatbed scanner. I'm using an Epson, and am reasonably happy with it, but when I get a few more pennies (about £300, I think) it'll be a Minolta Dimage for me because it seems to be well recommended in this forum.

Red filter compensation is, I think, a sofware issue rather than a hardware one.

  Filch 13:30 18 Jul 2003

If you want quality, you will need a film scanner not an attachment (flat bed). I too say go for the Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual - III is the current model.

  COUCHER 14:52 18 Jul 2003

I'll just have another look on EBay then get back here

  pj123 16:13 18 Jul 2003

I bought a very good Film/Slide scanner from Dream at click here It was on special offer at £129 but it has now reverted back to its original price of £179.99. It is good and very easy to use.

  pj123 16:15 18 Jul 2003

Sorry, type in SA8000 in the search box to find it quickly.

  Bingalau 18:20 18 Jul 2003

I may be off track somehow, but I bought an "hp scanjet 3570c" scanner which has a negative/slide adapter included in it. I have found it very satisfactory. I bought it from "Costco" for about £90 Needless to say a couple of weeks later I saw the same model for £80 in "Makro".. But I have a feeling you Photo buffs want a better standard. (But just in case!!!)

  siouxah1 19:07 18 Jul 2003

If you are serious about your slides and negatives I would really recommend that you seriously consider a dedicated slide/negative scanner. The adaptors are useful but the image quality is very limited.

Went the adaptor way in the first instance and regretted that purchase. Cost more to go to the dedicated scanner.

If you cannot quite afford he Minoltas etc, the one recommended by pj123 is good and is still available from Jessops at £129. Same item different name. I have found that it does require a bit if colour correction for negative scanning but that should not be a problem with your experience.

Do be aware though that this model only scans one slide/neg at a time. Not ideal for thousands of pictures.

See here

click here

Regards Brian j

  pj123 19:20 18 Jul 2003

siouxah1 Yes, I agree with you, it is only one at a time. And yes, there is a colour cast which can be corrected using Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. You do get an option of four different films but I tried them all and found leaving it on Kodak was the best option. There is no option for Transparencies. What name does it go under from Jessops??

  shifty 19:23 18 Jul 2003

Try click here I got an 1800u film and negative scanner from them sometime ago and it's available for £129.99. Scans at 1800 dpi optical with 32bit colour. It's a cracking compact stand alone scanner which I have always had excellent results from. My Dad bought the identical scanner over a year ago with the Microtech branding.

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