Needing Wireless Help

  johnwyork 23:16 26 Oct 2013

I have purchased a Belkin AC750 wireless router which has access point capabilities, but those capabilities are poorly documented, and I am needing some help.

I have 2 machines that need to talk to each other wirelessly - Machine #1 has built in wifi and could talk to Machine #2 if it's radio worked, which it doesn't. I called the machine company's tech support, and I was told that I could use an access point instead of the dedicated radio (radio is $600; router/access point is under $100).

What I need is for when Machine #1 transmits wireless data for the access point to receive it and then send it via ethernet cable into the WLAN port of Machine #2, which has a static IP address of

Can I use this router to do that? If so, how do I set it up? Or does anyone know of inexpensive tech service that could help me?

The device I am trying to try not to buy is the Hoeft & Wessel 8614 pretty much because I can't find where to buy one in the US unless I buy it from my dental supply company for $569. But here are the specs and information as to what I am trying to do:

HW 8614 %u2013 DECT/FHSS Ethernet Base Station

The base station HW 8614 is a powerful access point for DataUnwired radio networks. It provides cordless connectivity of mobile devices to an Ethernet Lan. Not only network adapters but also devices with serial interfaces are easily integrated.

The HW 8614 is intended for indoor usage and is easily wall-mounted. Power is supplied either from an external AC/DC adapter (included in the delivery) or as phantom supply via the Ethernet cable. The device has two built-in antennas for optimum indoor radio coverage. An external antenna connector is available as an option. Key advantages DataUnwired is widely scaleable from point-to-point to large radio networks comprising many portable and base stations DataUnwired offers excellent coverage range and has high power efficiency DataUnwired is based on Ethernet, the most popular LAN technology All internet services (web, email, telnet etc.) are supported DataUnwired easily connects devices with COM port into a radio network Typical applications Wireless internet access for mobile browsers Cable replacement for serial bus systems used in automation industry Radio link of terminals in mobile data capture and vehicle environment

Thanks greatly!

John York

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