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need wifi in separate building

  coyoteman 22:17 15 Nov 2016

Hi i run a small after school club on school grounds and would like to log on to the schools wifi ( the computer suite is abt 1500 - 2000mtrs away from my separate building . At the moment we cannot do this and i was wondering if there is a cheap option of extending the wifi to reach our building . We have been quoted to approx £500 to have it fitted ,which we cannot afford . Any help will be greatly appreciated . Thanks Neil.

  Govan1x 23:27 15 Nov 2016

Oops must be reading this wrong but is the building a mile away from the school.

Do you mean 150-200mtrs away.

  coyoteman 11:33 16 Nov 2016

LOL yes it should be 150 - 200 mtrs .Sorry :)

  Jollyjohn 13:30 16 Nov 2016

Does this building have it's own consumer unit (fusebox) for electricity? If it has then we can rule out HomePlugs. If it doesn't then beg, stael or borrow a pair of HomePlugs and try them. I am doubtful they will work but won't know until ruled out.

If there is a direct line of site between the two buildings, position a router in the window of the IT suite and a USB dongle in the window of the remote building and see if the signal is strong enough.

If the £500 quoted is to run an ethernet cable and put a router on the end to give wifi access to more than one computer, it is not a bad price. My suggestions, if either work, will give a limited service and if you have to buy the parts needed you could easily spend £200.

  Bazzaman 13:54 16 Nov 2016

Unless you need access to the school's network (e.g. school databases), then an alternative is to use a mobile phone with a contract that permits "tethering". See this PCA article for more info.

You should then be able to set the mobile phone up as a wifi hotspot and access the Internet via that.

However, you will be subject to the (monthly?) download limits of wahtever contract you sign up to.

  Bazzaman 14:14 16 Nov 2016

Or take a look at this: Outdoor Extender

  Jollyjohn 14:34 16 Nov 2016

The Outdoor Extender looks ideal for what you need.

An alternative is to have your own Broadband package - click here The little white cube is router and very effective - assuming you are in a 4g coverage area.

  Bazzaman 16:16 16 Nov 2016

Thinking about it, due to the constraints that a school probably works under, the Outdoor Extender is probably more appropriate, as I can see all sorts of security issues arising with using what is effectively an alternative ISP.

  maha_wasim 07:31 17 Nov 2016

Yeah! an Outdoor extender is the most common option to extend the existing wireless connection y utilising a different SSID. Although there is another option i.e. repeater to extend the existing wireless network but extender is quite common. Take a look at this; click here

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