Need a website to swap between 2 other websites

  spot the braincell 09:22 17 Oct 2008

I guess I need a web designer for this. I want to set up a website that swaps between 2 websites I've got so that each of them displays for a minute before changing to the other.

If someone clicks on the screen then it should open up a new window and take them to the website that was being displayed at the time.

Being a tightwad I don't really have funds to invest but just wondered if there was any ready way of doing it on the cheap.

spot the skinflint.

  spot the braincell 14:22 17 Oct 2008

What I want is to create a new site to display the homepage of my existing 2 sites in a loop.

Excusing the pseudo code below but it portrays what I'm after.

Loop top
display external URL1 for 30 secs
display external URL2 for 30 secs
Go to Loop top

If they click on the screen I want it to open a new window with the URL that was displayed at the time they clicked.

A bit whacko I know

  Forum Editor 23:23 17 Oct 2008

and display the home-pages of both sites as static thumbnails? Set the images so that on-click the relevant site loads in a new window.

Sometimes it pays to look for the least complex way of getting from A to B. Let your site visitors decide which, if either, of the two alternative sites they want to visit, and enable them to do it with a simple mouse click.

  spot the braincell 10:48 18 Oct 2008

You're dead right, but I'm just wanting to try something a bit different and less static. I anticipate having more sites and at that stage the page will then have no impact and just look like a page of ads.

Perversely probably, I want to play up the annoyance factor and hopefully grab peoples attention with a scrolling display of my sites.

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