In need of website editing help please!!!! :)

  clairec 15:04 31 Aug 2010


I am in desperate need of someone to help me / show me how to change a few typo's on my website and upload some photos to it too and also a few other minor changes. The guy who started to build it for me has gone AWOL and I really need a good looking site to help promote my new business. I bought hosting from blackfoot and have a few of the passwords but am not sure whatelse you would need to crack into it and change it!? I hope this makes sense - i'm not IT literate in the slightest but am willing ti make the changes myself provided I have clear instructions!

Oh and the url is click here. And any feedback re:changes you recommend to it would be most welcome!

Thanks you so much for taking the time to read this!!


  MAJ 15:43 31 Aug 2010

Basically, what you need to do is download (from Blackfoot's servers) the pages you want to edit, to your computer using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client like SmartFTP click here, edit the pages in a web design package and then upload them again to Blackfoot's servers using the FTP Client. Here's a little tutorial click here from the Blackfoot website's Support pages. click here

  Forum Editor 19:31 31 Aug 2010

don't post any server passwords here, in your thread. That might sound like elementary advice, but it's been done before, and you did say you are not IT literate in the slightest, forgive me if I've stated the obvious.

That said, if you need help with changing your access login in your server control panel you might like to send me the current login details by email: [email protected] and I'll do it for you.

fourm member's advice about preventing anyone else from getting at the site is sound.

  Ansolan 19:15 04 Sep 2010


Just to reiterate the advice above, your site is not set up to work with search engines, or users too well.

Important you secure the domain and server but beyond that, rather than think about editing would be better to consider starting again. Whilst there are a number of other aspects to sort out beyond basic configuration, that in itself is a real barrier, as is the design.

There are plenty of posts here on creating websites using WYSIWYG software, not ideal but most are a notable improvement on the current situation. Appreciate this will cause delay but worthwhile in the longer term, as is a little research on working with search engines. This might give you a start:

click here

A few more useful pages at:

click here

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