Need a way to print DVD covers without software

  cheerup347 23:19 07 Dec 2007


i need a way to print off DVD covers but witohut uisng any other software (to print them) other that word.

i want to print off some custom dvd covers and i can get better quality printers using a work printer and paying 10p a colour sheet, BUT i need to be able to print these using only microsfot word or image viewer type program.

any advice? ive tried going no worka nd setting sthe image to the correct size but everytime i do that it seems to print smaller than i set it to.

any advice no that or a enw way to print to the correct size?


  SANTOS7 23:34 07 Dec 2007

The dimensions of a full size DVD case are 27.5 cm x 18.3 cm. All you need to do is go to "page setup" and select the paper size you use (A4, Legal etc..). Then set the margins so that the above dimensions will center on the page. For example, A4 requires the margins to be set to 1.35 cm left and right and 1.10 cm top and bottom. This will give you the "exact" size of the cover.

  cheerup347 00:03 08 Dec 2007


so if i upload a image inot word, resize it to 27.5cm X 18.3 cm then set the margins of the page to 1.35cm left and 1.10 top and bottom that should give me the exact printout in word?

if you could jsut confirm that thats great.


  cheerup347 09:41 08 Dec 2007

i just tried printing my cover with thoe margins, and it sasy theres an error with one of them, the bottom 1.10 cm one, says its out of the printab;le area. should i resize my image to be really small or too big? will it automatically resize or do i need to set my image to those dimensions you specified earlier?


  Batch 10:11 08 Dec 2007

An alternative is to create a table (in word) of 1 column by 1 row and then you can set the cell size to be exactly the size that you need (with page orientation set to landscape if necessay).

Then just work within the cell.

You can either have the cell with a border or, alternatively, without a border (but turn on Show Gridlines so that you can see the edges of the cell on the screen).

If you want to be more sophisticated, you could create a table of 1 row by 3 cells and use 1 cell for the back cover, 1 for the spine and 1 for the front cover.

You can also create tables within tables so that you can position different elements in a variety of ways.

Each cell within a table sort of works like a mini-page.

Just have a play and see.

  HCOOH 10:43 08 Dec 2007

You could download a free version of Draw Plus 4 from Serif, draw your template add your cover picture and then save as a jpeg. Then you can send the saved file to wherever.

  jimv7 10:58 08 Dec 2007

Within word, labels, new label and enter the size you require.

If you have office, have you publisher installed, covers are easy to make in publisher.

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