Need to turn AVG antivirus off temporarily, How?

  One Old Git 18:46 25 Mar 2011

A program I want to install (Dragon 10) says to turn my antivirus off while installing it. I use AVG and can't seem to find out how to do this. Doesn't seem to be in help,etc. Anyone done this?

  Zak 18:58 25 Mar 2011
  march 19:06 25 Mar 2011

from avg help

In case you need to disable AVG Free, please consider which part of the protection you need to switch off. The AVG parts and their purpose are:
• AVG Resident Shield
The Resident Shield is the main component protecting you from viruses. It scans accessed files and if a virus is found, the access to the file is blocked. This applies to executing infected programs, as well as to opening of infected documents or any other files.
Disabling of the Resident Shield is sometimes recommended before installation of a new software or drivers, since it can prevent conflicts that would otherwise occur during their installation. This however applies only to limited number of specific programs and drivers, and there is no general reason why AVG Resident Shield should interfere with an installation of any application.
To disable the Resident Shield, please:
o Open AVG User Interface.
o Double-click on the Resident Shield.
o Un-tick the option Resident Shield active.
o Save the changes.
Please do not forget to activate the Resident Shield again once you performed the tasks requiring its deactivation.

  bluesbrother 03:18 26 Mar 2011

I installed Dragon a few weeks ago and as I am a bit wary of turning off anti-virus I did it without shutting down AVG.
It installed without any problems.

  One Old Git 16:03 26 Mar 2011

Thanks for responses. Some said they had installed Dragon with AVG still on and it installed without problems. I tried this and it worked perfectly.

Problem solved!

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