need suggestions " how to redirect a page"

  tindrli 21:32 26 Jun 2013

Greetings to community. i have a question about how to redirect a page and is it possible to do it in this circumstance. i must say that i have no prior knowledge about designing what so ever.

I was asked as a favor to look and see if this can be done.

My cousin have a old web page administered by a guy who is not among the living any more. and he have admin username and password for this site so he can add new stuff and such the old web page is ".com" domain.

now he buyed a new web site and i suppose a new domain which is ".fr" and he is not interested in using old web any more

What he asked me is, is it possible that when people in ej. "google" search for that specific page get result of the new instead of current .com

If thats not possible he thought that maybe when people klick on get redirected automatically to a or in a worst case put some kind of screen above old page which informs people with a new link or something..

English is not my native so sorry in advance. And thanx for possible suggestions about this issue

  Forum Editor 17:36 27 Jun 2013

It's easy enough to set up a redirect on the old site, so people are sent to a new one.

Whether or not it makes sense to do this depends on how much traffic the previous site was getting. If it wasn't much there's no point in redirecting people - it would just make sense to delete the old site and move on.

If there was substantial traffic it makes no sense to start up under a new domain name - it might be better to just redesign the site.

If you do still want to do a redirect, post back here, and one of us tell you how to do it.

  tindrli 10:19 28 Jun 2013

yes sir, thanx for the answer. he do need help. According to him the new web site is redesigned from the scratch but he cant , how to say put in in a place of old one, coz i think he does not have privileges or user/pass of the server where that web site is actually stored. He can log in onto existing old site with admin privileges, the man who made a website died. He called a company i think its a hosting company and they told him that the guy who made a website didnt make a Power of Attorney to his name. So he bought a new domain.. same name only ".fr" so if its possible the thing would be that no matter what people or .fr the network takes them to a newly .fr site

is that possible with current situation?

sorry for my bad english im dooing my best and thanx again for helping

  Forum Editor 18:56 29 Jun 2013

Your English is just fine.

Setting up what's called a 301 redirect is easy, but you can't do it unless you have access to the server files for the original website.

If your friend can access the server he needs to place a file in the root directory of the website. Find out if he can do that, and find out what kind of server the site is hosted on - the method I'm going to suggest will not work on a Windows server, it needs to be Apache.

  elsalvador 16:40 12 Aug 2013

Yeah it's called a 301 redirect, I'm sure a friendly search engine will be able to help you out :)

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