Need suggestion on MS Office 2007

  sarahjn10 10:45 10 Feb 2009

Hey Guys!!

My sister is doing a degree and has been using the free trial of Microsoft Office that came with her PC to save her work.
What's happened now is that the trial has run out and when she goes into her documents, presentations etc., she can only view them, not edit or save or manipulate them in any way.
I’m now looking for full version software for her; can someone please let me know how can I get it? I browsed a few websites and found ecostsoftware. Is this fine to buy from them? Will it work out?
click here
Please advice.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:50 10 Feb 2009

She can purchase home and student version for about £70 I believe.

Or she can download OpenOffice from click here free of charge and pretty much compatible with MSOffice.

  brundle 10:52 10 Feb 2009

Get OpenOffice, not as polished as Office but loads and saves the majority of Office formats, and it's free. click here

Is your sister is enrolled as a student, the Home/Student edition of Office will only set you back about £65, but lacks a few of the applications included with other versions of Office; click here

  Diodorus Siculus 10:52 10 Feb 2009

click here it's £60 at

What was she using? If only MSWord, then download Abiword from click here which is very good as a standalone word processor.

  skeletal 11:19 10 Feb 2009

Or get the enterprise edition for under £60 from click here


  BRYNIT 11:29 10 Feb 2009

Cheapest place I have found on the web for office 2007 for students click here.

  Sara K 17:48 11 Feb 2009

OpenOffice is good and is compatible with Office. I can't be sure if it will do everything your sister needs, but it is free and worth a look at.

You can rad about it and download at

  wjrt 21:43 11 Feb 2009

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