Need for Speed Road Challenge, it don't work

  expertec 20:14 25 Dec 2003

I got this game for christmas, I've installed it now but it won't run. It just shows a "safedisc" logo, then a black screen, then it disappears.
It is a genuine original CD, also I've run DxDiag and done the DirectDraw & DirectSound tests, they both came out fine, done uninstall/reinstall, any more ideas?


System Spec's?

  Chegs ® 20:54 25 Dec 2003

There is a link to a patch on a previous post about Need For Speed Underground,offers a SafeDisc patch.Will see if I can find the previous post.

  Chegs ® 20:54 25 Dec 2003
  QQAA 21:19 25 Dec 2003

Based on my brief impressions of some forum threads elsewhere that I came across during the past week, Safedisc is indeed a tough 'trouble-maker' within the PC gamers community.

It is rumoured that the latest Safedisc version (v2.9) would not allow the original game CD to run properly if it detected the famous "CloneCD" is installed as a system tray with the "Hide CD-R Media" option enabled. It interpreted it as a hint that your original game CD is not inserted inside your CD-ROM drive but instead was a CD-R disc on which the original disc was 'illegally' duplicated.

I have no ideas about the Safedisc version on your NFS-Road Challenge disc. But you can make a scan through a German freeware (English option is available through a button in the bottom-right area of the interface) "ClonyXXL" to find out. This small invaluable tool is available in this website click here and many other places.

  expertec 14:20 27 Dec 2003

I'm running Windows ME, it says 95/98 on the case but it should run fine with ME?? I do not have CloneCD installed.

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