Need a specific soundcard for amateur radio set

  PsiFox 09:39 01 Nov 2004

I need to fit a soundcard to a pc. not difficult in itself but there are a few requirements.

the card will be connected to an hardware interface between pc and transceiver.
Will connect via serial port (no problem) but the soundcard must have separate speaker out, mic in and also Aux in(from transceiver interface) and aux out (to transciver interface).

In the old days a soundblaster 16 pci would do this fine but trying to find a modern card that can cope with this is tricky.
I need to know of soundcards (probably 5.1) that can be configured as requested above.i.e with an aux. in and probably rear out configured as aux.out.

thanks in advance


  g0slp 09:57 01 Nov 2004

Is there not audio in/out already on your PC?

As far as I know that's the case on all modern machines?

What application are you wanting to run?


  PsiFox 10:12 01 Nov 2004

The onboard sound is the usual 3 plugs
1. mic
2. spkr out
3. aux in

I need as mentioned above a card to connect to an hardware interface with
1. mic
2.spkr out
3. aux in
4 aux out.


  PsiFox 15:44 01 Nov 2004

Any HAM's out there.


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