need some urgent boot up advice please

  sunnystaines 17:43 16 Nov 2011

I had rebooted pc windows started and i had just got onto google when the pc turned itself off.

on turning back on cannot get past HDMI CHECK SIGNAL CABLE no bios screen, no bleeps.

opened up pc re set graphics card,checked hdd cables,RAM,checked hdmi cable and plugs, power lead.

all fans start the orange light on MSI X58 moterboard changes from amber to green when i turn the power on.

re booted with w7 disc, tried to boot to bios all no joy.

could a graphics card failure cause this? any other ideas please.

  sunnystaines 18:01 16 Nov 2011

thanks never thought of that will look to see if i have a vga cable and socket on the monitor

  sunnystaines 18:13 16 Nov 2011

no joy on vga cable.

the graphics card is ATI HD4350 [HEAKSINK NO FAN] but was not hot.

the monitor is a HD 22" samsung.

got no spare pc to test the graphics on or the monitor.

  rdave13 18:24 16 Nov 2011

If your mobo has onboard graphics then try removing the card and use the onboard to see if working.

  sunnystaines 18:56 16 Nov 2011

borrowed a dell flat screen connected via white vga cable the screen just goes to power saving mode after a few seconds.

  sunnystaines 19:05 16 Nov 2011


I will try that option it has on board realtek but no realtek driver installed

  sunnystaines 19:15 16 Nov 2011


when i built the pc put a hd4350 ati in from the start, thought it had onboard graphics but just had a look no socket on the computer to plug the monitor in only hdmi,dvi,dvga sockets were on the graphics card so that option looks a dead end.

  sunnystaines 19:17 16 Nov 2011


no idea how to connect to the tv we still have an old style box crt tv many years old.

  sunnystaines 20:23 16 Nov 2011


updated the ATI diver yesterday but had restarted ok a few times since then ok, not getting any bleeps but all seems working ok, tried booting with windows dvd no luck on that. re seated everything as well.

all fans working, dvd tray open ok it is as if the monitor is not plugged in. but my own mointor with hdmi and another monitor on dvi both fail to show.

if it is the new driver cannot boot into anything to run backup image or reload windows.

no bleeps now would a dff graphics give that?

  sunnystaines 16:47 17 Nov 2011

at a dead end now till i can get some help with another pc to test the graphics & psu. now using our holiday netbook till then.

for those that offered help thank you for trying.

  daxian 10:28 18 Nov 2011

hi sunny.... just a you have the extra 4 pin power lead for the cpu ??? i had a problem with this once, did not seat properly . stopped the pc dead ,but all fans and lights worked....worth a try !

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