Need some advice on parts for a new gaming pc

  HelpForTheNoob 15:55 25 Oct 2014

So basically I am building a pc, but I have never done it before so I need a bit of advice when it comes to parts. The pc will be for gaming and streaming, including games with mods, so it needs to be quite powerful but not stupidly expensive, however it doesn't need to be too cheap as I know I'm going to need some good parts. I was looking at triple or quad memory channel motherboards but I'm not sure what motherboards are the best. I need a computer that can run powerful games and stream, I was also thinking of running two or three monitors. If someone could advise me on a motherboard (triple or quad memory channel), RAM that will optimise the performance of a triple or Quad channel motherboard, a processor capable of doing what I ask and a video/graphics card. Thanks for reading what has turned into a essay, I would appreciate any help or advice anyone could give me.

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