Need some advice about webhosting

  Bling Bling 01:30 16 Feb 2006

Hi all,

My friend has asked me to help him set up a website for his restaurant. Overall the site is about 2mb in total. I've made all the pages for him in Dreamweaver, but we're unsure about what to do next as neither of us has set up a web site before.

I know that I need to register the domain name and get some webspace. We're not expecting huge amounts of traffic to the site but we dont want any advertising pop-ups etc, so I assume most free hosting packages are out. We're mainly looking at the basic package from Hosting Unlimited and would probably register the name through them too.

Can anyone advise if this is the right thing to do or am I missing something? Would I just have to upload all the files to their server?

Also, can anyone advise as to how I go about submitting the site to search engines? Is there a software package that can do it? I can get Dreamweaver to add the metatags for me, but how do I get the search engines to pick them up?

  Forum Editor 07:36 16 Feb 2006

Select a good web host and register the domain name with them.

Then upload the site to your new server space. It takes a day or so for newly registered names to be propagated to the DNS servers, and if you've uploaded your site in the meantime it will not be visible. Once the name location has been registered on the DNS databases your site will appear in all its glory.

It's not really necessary to submit to search engines - they'll find you. Don't expect it to happen overnight though, some of the engines take longer than others to get around to crawling your site.

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