Need software to delay start up items?

  buel 12:01 07 Apr 2012

Hi, My gf used to use Win Patrol to delay some start up programs but she has now uninstalled Win Patrol (for other reasons), please can i ask is there a program to delay start up items? And is there any Windows Vista programs that could be delayed? Thank you.

  buel 12:06 07 Apr 2012

Hi, I have vista, not W7?

  KRONOS the First 12:06 07 Apr 2012

This is pretty good as you can also delay programs. Soluto.

  buel 10:28 08 Apr 2012

Thank you. Any opinions on 'Soluto'?

  Ex plorer 13:34 08 Apr 2012
  buel 13:59 08 Apr 2012

Thanks, it looks good. My concern, though, is that my gf's laptop sometimes takes 9 minutes to get to desktop and sometimes 2 and a half minutes?

She runs SuperAntiSpyware, Avast, Malwarebytes scans regularly, even defrags and only has Avast ticked in Msconfig.....any ideas what the problem is or should i start a new thread?

  KRONOS the First 15:10 08 Apr 2012

Well that is certainly a bit longer than my 25 seconds from power switch to desktop. I suppose the laptop has plenty of ram? Try Soluto as a lot of stuff starts that msconfig does not list.

How long has your GF had the laptop? perhaps it's time for a fresh install of Windows?

  buel 15:41 08 Apr 2012

Thanks for that. She has had the laptop for four years. I've just addes 2gb of ram (and taken 1gb out) to make 4gb (Vista only 'sees' 3.5gb?)and done Soluto.

Im more confused by the vary between 2 and a half minutes and 9ish minutes?

  robin_x 16:12 08 Apr 2012

Check the disk partitions for errors/bad sectors as well.

eg C: Properties > Tools. Might take an hour or so on reboot.

Select the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors box too

  buel 08:34 09 Apr 2012

Hi, Ok, i have done that and still a slow start up. However, please can someone give me their opinion on whether this is 'right'?

This is a snapshot of the task manager when it has been idle for over 15 minutes, i just dont see how there should be so much useage? The cpu useage is only 3% but you can see it has been much higher (I haven't run a single program in that time):

Here, i have opened some Google Chrome pages and a Windows Paint image and the usage seems high?

And here you will see that my gf is getting a message saying her D (recovery)drive is full/'low disk space' (when there is only 4mb showing if i go into the D drive and click properties on the 'recovery' data in there) Would this slow the laptop down?

Also, there is now 4gb of ram in the laptop but the task manager shows '3038 physical memory'?

Please offer some comments on this, id love to get her laptop working better/quicker! Thank you

  buel 13:23 09 Apr 2012

Bumpy Bump.

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