the need for several anti spyware programs

  sunnystaines 20:15 06 Aug 2014

today my browsers FF, Chrome and IE went caput either would not open or stalled prt way.

ran nortn came up clean. ran SAS two tracking cookies deleted, ran mbam all ok,even ran ccleaner, had several reboot still no joy.

them remembered i had adwclear in my downloads folder gave it a run/clean and after its reboot all well.

now why could the first three well respected programes not find fix or repair the culprit [called conduit from what i could make of the adwcleaner log]

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:46 06 Aug 2014


Adwcleaner is designed to get rid of browser PUPs (potentially unwanted program)

the others stop virus and malware but if you have allowed it though with something else you have downloaded (they cleverly package this crapware with other stuff) then your Av doesn't stand a chance.

  rdave13 20:53 06 Aug 2014

I'll go with Jock1e that the paid for Malwarebytes would have stopped it during whatever program you were installing at the time.

  sunnystaines 21:31 06 Aug 2014

got free SAS and MBAM. only recent downloads the latest version of SAS almost daily recently from major geeks link and on nvida ste updated graphice driver.

I was on google news tried to open a link to daily telegraph to read a story all went pearshape from then onwards never did read the story in the end.

all ok now.

  AroundAgain 22:09 06 Aug 2014

@Jock1e - can you provide a link for Malwarebytes at £14.99, please? I can't find it with a Google search. Thanks

  Nontek 22:19 06 Aug 2014


I too have the Pro Version, can't fault it.

  rdave13 22:31 06 Aug 2014

So far can only find two UK sites giving their addresses.

The technology company

Quiet PC

  john bunyan 09:18 07 Aug 2014


Thanks for the link and your recommendation. I have bought the version you mention. I have just changed my AV from Avira to Avast, but had to disable the real time protection on Avast as it stopped my iCloud. Does the pro Malawarebytes automatically activate to protect web use? I cant see it on the "manage add ons" (IE11). Sorry to sunnystaines for digression.

  spuds 13:30 07 Aug 2014

"the need for several anti spyware programs"

I recall many years ago, when I installed a number of anti programmes on the computer, because most people were doing the same. Started to have problems of conflictions and a number of false/positives. Local computer shop removed all the programmes and installed one anti that was popular at the time.

Apparently, that was one of the regular jobs the computer shop did with customer computer's, including doing what should have been routine clean-ups, which the customer's never bothered doing.

It was about the same time PC World use to have a weekly list on display in their stores, on what their service team had removed from computers as possible threats!.

Goes to show how long ago that was, and how things might have improved?.

  sunnystaines 13:48 07 Aug 2014

years ago it was dr solomans av, spybot sd, spywareguard and ad-aware.

these are all history now except spybot sd which i see is still around on mg downloads lists.

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